Babies Tossed Off Rooftops In India For Good Luck (VIDEO)

In a bizarre ritual practiced in India, babies are thrown off rooftops for ‘Good Luck.’

The horrifying video below shows men climbing up the side of a building in the village of Harangal, Parbhani, in western India’s Maharashtra with a baby in a cloth sack on their backs. The babies, estimated to be about 2 years old or less, are then dangled over the edge of the roof by their hands and feet and dropped approximately 15 meters (50 ft.) onto a sheet held by a group of people below.

After the terrified child lands on the sheet, he is quickly whisked away through the crowd of spectators to his mother.

Throwing Babies Off Rooftops In India

Apparently this is not just some ritual practiced by a few people clinging to superstitions from a bygone era, this baby-dropping thing has been increasing in popularity recently. The lack of health care in the area, combined with poor economic conditions and a high infant mortality rate have seen the people of India increasingly turning to rituals and superstitions in hopes of improving their lives. The practice is believed to bring longevity to the child’s life and good luck to the family.