Inside the Brown’s QB battle

Eric Mangini, new head coach of the Cleveland Browns, has a big decision to make. He must ultimately decide who is starting QB should be, Derrick Anderson or Brady Quinn. Truth be told the Browns may have been better served by taking a QB with the fifth overall pick in this year’s NFL draft. However the Browns took a more conservative approach went out and got whomever wins this job more protection and a few offensive weapons.

The book of these two QB’s is that Anderson plays better in practice, while Quinn is a better on the field general during actual NFL games. If that assessment is to be trusted than this is really an easy decision to make. The Browns need a leader, a face for their franchise, and it seems the Quinn is going to end up being that man.

The real truth here is this, Anderson despite leading the Browns to a 10-6 record in 2007 has already had his chance at this job, and failed. That is why the team had to draft Quinn in the first place. It really seems that the Browns could have drafted USC QB Mark Sanchez with fifth overall pick and likely had a better option at the QB position.

Now the Browns have two rather mediocre QB’s vying to be their starter. NFL fans have seen these kinds of battles before and they usually lead to a bad season, for the Browns sake this is not the case this time