Snooki’s Ex-Boyfriend: ‘Crocodilly Is MINE!’

Snooki’s newborn baby boy Lorenzo loves his Crocodilly. Weirdly enough, though, it wasn’t a gift from mom. Nor was it a gift from dad, Jionni LaValle. It was actually a gift to Snooki from ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella.

The stuffed crocodile affectionately nicknamed “Crocodilly” has been something of a Jersey Shore staple, having made several appearances on the show as well as its new spin-off headlined by Snooki and JWoww. Crocodilly even made the People spread about Snooki, Jionni, and baby Lorenzo. There’s just one problem. The guy who gave it to her is no longer in the picture, reports TMZ.

Emilio Masella, who dated Snooki for eight months back in 2010, told the snarky celebrity news site that he won the stuffed croc for Snooks at a Dave and Busters back when the two were still a couple. Snooki has been very attached to Crocodilly ever since, which is fairly evident to any Jersey Shore or Snooki fan.

So is Masella complaining about seeing Crocodilly everywhere? Does he want it back? Does Snooki still have feelings for him?

We don’t know, but it’s doubtful, especially the latter-most of those questions. Don’t forget, Masella is the guy who notoriously quipped that he hopes Snooki has a miscarriage when news of her pregnancy broke, also theorizing that Snooki will “pull a Kim Kardashian,” and “break up with him [LaValle] right after [she gives birth].” RadarOnline later reported that he had back-tracked on his harsh comments, revealing that he still (at the time) has feelings for Snooki and wants a future with her.

“What I meant is that I hope she’s not really pregnant because I want a future with her and don’t want her having a child with some other dude,” he clarified.

Should Snooki and Masella get some sort of shared custody arrangement going over Crocodilly?