Is Jenelle Evans Putting Little Kaiser In Danger? Her Followers Seem To Think So

Mary Jane

Jenelle Evans is one controversial reality star, and she's made a name for herself on Teen Mom for being the one mother who made some horrible decisions. While all of the Teen Mom stars have struggled in one way or another, Jenelle has experienced in drug use, theft, and alcohol. In fact, Evans has the longest list of mugshots of any of the Teen Mom stars combined in the history of the franchise. But Jenelle is trying to change her life as well as her image. But it sounds like she will always have followers who try to knock her down.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans started to share some things from her life, and she is now sharing pictures from all the days where she's spending time with her children. And this past weekend, she decided to share pictures of her son Kaiser, as she and David Eason went out on the water in their boat.

"I'm pretty convinced my kids will always be water babies. Fine by me," Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter, sharing that she really loves being on the water with her sons.

"My little man is always safe in his #PuddleJumper," she then added on social media, to which people had plenty of things to say.

One person wrote, "no he's not... That will not safe his life. That's for kids learning to swim."

But it sounds like Evans wants people to know that she has done her research. She was quick to reply to the haters who believed that she was putting her son in danger.

"It's Coast Guard Certified and actually has a weight limit on it. This keeps Kaiser up float on his back above water," Jenelle Evans replied, sharing that she had done her homework on the Puddle Jumper.

One person replied, "[I]f the boat ever capsized or he fell out, it would not keep him above water. But whatever not like he's 2 and can't swim...."

Even though many people were very critical of Jenelle Evans, she did have some people who came to her defense.

"Yeah it would. And plus, it's a little river and he's not alone," a Jenelle Evans fan argued back, sharing that she was convinced that the Puddle Jumper would save Evans' son, to which the person replied, "Hun, My children own them, and a 'little river' has a very strong current. If he went down, he'd go under in a heartbeat."

But it sounds like Jenelle has tested this life vest, writing, "We take him to play in the ocean wearing his Puddle Jumper... Much larger than any river."

"The parents agree to undergo drug testing for opiates, marijuana, and steroid use, through a certified, third-party drug testing facility before this Agreement is finalized. Results of the tests will be communicated with each parent's respective legal counsel," reads the original Parenting Agreement Order, according to Radar Online.

"The parents believe that each is an important continuing presence in their child's life," the documents state, revealing, "This agreement reflects the desire of both parents to create a positive environment for Kaiser's development and to ensure each parent's continuing relationship with him."

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' pictures of her son? Do you think she's taking the right precautions?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]