Next Apple iPhone Might Have New Color And Different Name

The world is anxiously awaiting news on the newest Apple iPhone, but one of the little tidbits that have leaked out ahead of the company’s unveiling is the handset could have a new darker look we’ve never seen before. There is also talk the Apple iPhone might not be carrying the same kind of numbering we’ve seen in the release pattern for quite some time.

Rumors have been flying for quite a while now that Apple could be looking to change up the schedule for its major updates to the phone and that would, in turn change up the schedule for just when we see the Apple iPhone 7. 9to5Mac points out most seem to think the handset that is released later this year isn’t going to be wholesale change, and in fact, the model could look identical to what we’ve seen released in the last few years.

If this is the case, we could be waiting until 2017 to see a full-fledged Apple iPhone 7, complete with the lack of an earbud socket. The completely revamped version of the iPhone, which we’ll have to wait another year for is also said to be getting rid of the Home button and will have an embedded Touch ID sensor right on the device’s screen.

Because Apple does not want to create a large amount of confusion with the number of different handsets it put out there, quite a few insiders are wondering just what the 2016 version of the device is going to be called. There might be a trend forming in the tech and video gaming world that sees companies start to reset the model numbers to shorten the name and wipe the slate clean.

Microsoft has been the company leading the charge on this, going from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, despite the fact there was already an original Xbox. Sony has gone the other route for now, as its current generation console is the PS4, though it appears the console that will come after the PS4 won’t be called the PS5.

Tim Cook has had his company start to change the way they do things when it comes to naming Apple products in the very recent past as well. The newest MacBook doesn’t have any qualifiers attached to it, simply being called “MacBook.” Other times, the company has simply slapped “New” in front of the device name, such as The New iPad.

Whatever we’re supposed to call the newest Apple iPhone, it appears at least one change we can expect to see in its appearance is the ability to get a new color. You might remember the last generation of the flagship handset saw Rose Gold get rolled out. One or more new colors could be in the offing in 2016.

Several tech blogs had talked last week about a dark blue version of the phone coming this year and moving forward, but now Apple Insider is saying there could be a black option, as well. Apparently, the black color is quite a bit darker than the Space Grey we’ve seen in previous versions.

This would be the fifth time black has been offered, as there was the ability to get one with the iPhone 3G through the iPhone 4S. This model would reportedly stand out because the color would be of a more metallic pigment. The big question now is whether or not Apple can bank on small changes and new colors being enough to get people to get a handset this year. It seems likely more people will wait until 2017 and pick up whatever the Apple iPhone 7 has in store for us.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]