Indiana Babysitter Sacked After Disturbing Video Of Her Dumping Gallons Of Water On Infant Sparks Internet Outrage [Video]

An Indiana babysitter has been sacked after a disturbing water park video, where she can be seen placing a 7-month-old infant directly under a tipping bucket, went viral online, sparking widespread outrage on the internet for her reckless actions.

The 12-second video, which has been viewed nearly two million times at the time of writing, was uploaded on Facebook by Desiree Howell, an observer who happened to be at the park at the same time as the babysitter and the child, who has now been identified as Annora.

“You have got to be kidding me!!!” Howell wrote on Facebook, livid at the callousness with which the babysitter abuses the child in the video.

“She is abusing this child. Baby is crying. And swallowing this water. Pray this baby won’t drown in her sleep!!! She has been yelling at her telling her to get over it. Its part of being a kid. Heard this baby is only seven months old… AND NOT HERS!!!!! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!”

Understandably, the video sparked a global outrage online, with viewers condemning the actions of the babysitter in the harshest possible terms.

According to Howell’s description of the events, the incident in the video was just one of the many times that the babysitter abused the child at the splash pad. Another video emerged online showed the babysitter keeping the child under another tipping bucket. Judging by the evidence on display, it appears likely that the babysitter continued to harass the child throughout the duration of their visit to the water park in Greenwood, Indiana.

“There was another instance where she was sitting the baby like right by the sprinklers that come out of the ground,” Howell explained.

“The baby was being directly splashed in the face crying the whole time. Mind you she can’t walk yet. She had no shoes on. The ground was hot for me to even walk on BC I tested it. She did it many MANY MANY times to this baby.

“Then she did the new swing where the baby can swing with you and the lady was going so freaking high to where the baby was being jerked and crying her eyes out.

“Then she would sit the baby by the water that sprays out the ground and the water was in her face. The little girl was balling (sic) her eyes out and trying to turn from the water. I’m still livid.”

Splash pad

While Howell also contacted the police, she was unsure if Annora’s mother knew how the babysitter had been treating her child. Sure enough, two hours after Howell posted the video on Facebook, it reached the mother of the child, Brittany Dixson, who only stumbled upon the appalling footage of her baby by chance.

“All I see is the baby sitting down and then like the back of the baby. Then I saw the babysitter and I kept looking at it. I’m like ‘surely enough that’s not my baby,'” the mom told WISHTV.

“It freaked me out. All I did was want to get to her. Hold her tight and just be with her. I could not stop crying.

“I cried even when I had her in my arms because I just didn’t know what to do or how to react to the situation.”

Fearful that her daughter might have inhaled too much water during the incident, Brittany took her child to the emergency room.

“She could have inhaled so much water once she went to sleep that night she could have actually drowned in her sleep because the water would have been trapped in her lungs,” she explained, according to People. “But she didn’t have any water in her lungs or anything like that but he [the doctor] said that was a major possibility and he’s glad that I brought her in.”

According to latest reports, the 19-year-old single mother has sacked the babysitter. Police are also considering if the woman in the video is to be charged with child abuse.

This is certainly not the first time that disturbing videos of babysitters abusing children has emerged online, but this video should be a stark reminder to parents to be extremely careful and meticulous while selecting people who are to take care of their children.

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