What’s Jennifer Aniston’s Net Worth? Enough To Buy A Vineyard? Jen And Justin Apparently Set To Rival Brad Pitt On The Wine Scene

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are rumored to be excited about a new endeavor that makes fans realize that all of the reports about the pair’s careers being on a downward slope are fabricated. Yet how true is this reported story that states Aniston and Theroux are ready to make their love and passion for wine into a lucrative business. An even juicier tidbit about this tale is that Aniston is intrigued and inspired to take on the duties that go along with owning a vineyard all due to her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt and his actress wife Angelina Jolie own a French chateau, Chateau Miraval, with its own vineyard on which they grow grapes to produce pink wine.

Jen and Justin may love their wine, and yes, there may still be a touch of competitive spirit left in Jen in regards to the gorgeous woman her ex-husband left her for, but it’s hardly the case that Justin and Jen are even contemplating purchasing a vineyard to stir up competition. In fact, as Gossip Cop notes, Aniston and Theroux are not purchasing a vineyard at all.

Gossip Cop has gotten to the truth of the matter and verified that the vineyard story is completely false. However, based on the amount Jen and Justin rake in from their hot careers in film, and TV, they certainly could afford to purchase a winery if they so choose.

The couple wed last year after an engagement that lasted three years. Although Justin has never been married before, 47-year-old Aniston was married to Brad Pitt from 2000 to 2005. Jen got her big break on the massively successful and hilarious hit sitcom Friends, which ran for a decade. She earned one of the highest salaries of the time at $1 million per episode.

While working on the show and since it’s wrap in 2004, Jen has been a steady actress in film. Usually Aniston leans towards the romantic comedy genre, however, she has begun taking on more dramatic roles in recent years as well, such as Cake.

Theroux is an established producer, screenwriter, and director. He is also a notable actor and currently stars on HBO’s The Leftovers, for which he receives an estimated $75,000 per episode. Both couples therefore have an impressive net worth, as Hoff Mag shares. Justin sits at around $20 million, while Aniston sits at $120 million for her years of drawing in an audience with her witty, adorable and quirky character performances on screen.

While the marriage is completely stable when it comes to finances, there are constant rumors making the rounds that Justin and Jen are experiencing a rough go of things. However, such rumors have been making headlines in the tabloids since this adoring duo first became an item so many years ago. It really just seems the case that tabloids love to capitalize on the appeal of Jennifer Aniston and are set to keep her front and center in their publications for as long as she’s America’s sweetheart. The rumors that are most present regarding the beauty, have to do with pregnancy.

Once again, this month, Jen and Justin were enjoying a getaway in paradise when Aniston was snapped looking a little bit larger in the belly than usual. Of course, the immediate assumption was that the star is finally pregnant. The reps of the star shrugged the claims off and stated Aniston had just eaten a large lunch and that there is absolutely no pregnancy.

Following the beach getaway, Aniston and Theroux hit NYC for a few days, where, as the Daily Mail reminds, Jen was photographed on numerous separate occasions with a jacket tied around her belly, clearly sending the signal to the tabloids to lay off the pregnancy rumors once and for all.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards]