Trump Tweet Calls George Will An Overrated Pundit: Will Responds Perfectly, But Cain Is Horrified [Video]

Sheri Oz

"He has an advantage over me because he can say everything he knows about any subject in 140 characters and I can't."

However, it seems that George Will has, in fact, acquired the skill of tweeting as this has not been the only quip he has used when explaining why he left the Republican Party. As reported by the Inquisitr, when he first announced parting ways with the Grand Old Party, Will had a very succinct way of putting his feelings.

"This is not my party."

Among those coming out as strongly opposed to George Will's advocacy against Donald Trump is the former contender for the Republican nomination for 2016, Herman Cain, 70, who is also a radio host and political commentator.

Cain is horrified at the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the election.

Antagonism between George Will and Donald Trump is not unique to Trump. Popular political blogger Jim Hoft reminds the public that George Will maligned Ronald Reagan in 1979, the same way he is maligning Donald Trump now. In 1979, Reagan was the Republican candidate for the presidency. In his blog, The Gateway Pundit, Hoft reproduces an opinion piece written by Will at that time and published in the Washington Post, in which Hill predicted that Reagan, too old to be president, would be defeated in his bid for the candidacy by Bush. His final sentence in the article both showed Will's inaccurate assessment of the situation (Reagan won the elections by a landslide) and his glib style of writing.

"And I knew destiny had marked Bush for favor when I saw his thirst for diet Dr. Pepper."
"The truth is that it hasn't been Will's party for a long time. Trump didn't persuade the GOP base to embrace his extreme and at times bigoted views -- he didn't have to. Those views match up well with what the rank and file of today's Republican Party already believes."

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