Adele Blasted As ‘Embarrassing’ & ‘Rude’ By Fans For Non-Stop Swearing During Glastonbury Performance

Adele is feeling the wrath of her fans after the singer let out a series of swears during her set at Glastonbury festival on June 25.

As the Mirror reported, Adele swore multiple times during the show at Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage, including letting out the F-bomb before even finishing her first song, “Hello.”

According to the site, as the crowd sung along to her 2015 mega-hit, Adele paused to tell the audience “You are f***ing amazing!” before letting out another reported 32 swears during the show, including swearing several times while talking to the crowd between songs.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Hi,” Adele later said, telling the crowd of more than 100,000 fans that performing on the Glastonbury stage was “the best f***ing moment of my whole life.”

Adele Blasted By Fans For Non-Stop Swearing During Glastonbury Set
While some fans didn’t seem to mind Adele’s expletives, others opted to take to social media to put the star on blast for her repeated bad language, with many claiming that they would be unable to show Adele’s Glastonbury performance to their young children due.

“Great set by @Adele but did she have to swear so much? Sorry kids you can’t watch mummy sing at #Glasto2016 cos she’s got a #pottymouth,” @TomlinsonRichie tweeted out of Adele’s swear-filled Glastonbury set, while Twitter user ‏@neilcoxon wrote, “Is it me or is Adele both embarrassing & rude? Stop talking so much & certainly stop swearing. Shan’t now show my daughter your show.”

Other Twitter users claimed that Adele “ruined” her set by her constant expletives.

“‘Skyfall’ really is Adele’s best she’s spoilt it though by all the swearing when talking. mins after inviting a little girl up on the stage!” @debbiecavell tweeted, and @chillipickle94 added, “Was excited to watch with my 11 [year] old but was ruined by the swearing. Shame.”

Adele Blasted By Fans For Non-Stop Swearing During Glastonbury Set
Other fans took to the social media site to joke about the amount of money Adele would have raised over the course of the evening had she been given a swear jar.

“I think if someone gave Adele a swear jar the amount raised could actually solve world hunger,” @dljames93 joked. “Not my normal cup of tea but tbf #adele can deffo get a crowd going. She would make a F***ING fortune with a swear jar though! #Glasto2016” @ScottWaite1 tweeted out.

Adele’s expletive night came after the BBC, which airs Glastonbury footage in the U.K. on BBC Two, warned viewers to expect swearing from Adele during the set, which aired live on the British network on June 25.

“Swearing is in her vernacular, so it’s only natural she’ll be effing and blinding away,” a source told the Mirror prior to the show of the likelihood of Adele turning the air blue during her show.

Adele Blasted By Fans For Non-Stop Swearing During Glastonbury Set
“But even though her set will air in a broadcast that doesn’t begin until after 9pm – which is post-watershed – it’s probably for the best that viewers are warned to expect a few naughty words,” the insider continued.

The BBC also issued a warning ahead of Adele’s Glastonbury set, telling the site that “all live post-watershed performances from this weekend’s Glastonbury will be prefaced with a warning for possible strong language.”

Adele even joked about the British broadcaster asking her to keep the swearing to a minimum during the show, admitting to the thousands of fans who gathered at the Glastonbury festival, “Do you know how rock ‘n’ roll I am? Not very, but the BBC had to give me a warning about my potty mouth before I went on. I bet Muse didn’t get that.”

What did you think of Adele’s constant swearing during her Glastonbury set? Are fans right to be upset?

[Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]