Vicki Gunvalson Remembers Trauma: Says She’s Lucky To Be Alive

Vicki Gunvalson is trying everything possible to get her co-stars’ forgiveness on this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County as her co-stars are still questioning her involvement in last year’s cancer scandal. Vicki’s co-stars can’t understand how Gunvalson didn’t have a feeling that Brooks Ayers’ stories weren’t adding up. He was later caught faking medical records, and he moved out of Orange County as he wanted to start his life over in Florida. These days, Vicki is trying to rebuild the friendships she lost, but she may have some hurdles ahead of her.

According to a new Bravo report, Vicki Gunvalson did get some bonding time with the ladies this season as they do head on a cast trip to Ireland. But it is the trip to Glamis, California that has the ladies – and the media – talking. As revealed months ago when the accident happened, the ladies will get into a sand dune accident, which resulted in trauma and trips to the hospital. Now, Gunvalson is opening up about the scary incident, revealing that she was scared.

“We’re all very blessed, first of all, to be alive. We were definitely having a guardian angel, my mom always watching over me,” Vicki said of her mother, Joanne Steinmetz, who passed away suddenly in February 2015, when Vicki was filming the show’s 10th season.

The accident happened when Tamra Judge was driving the sand dune vehicle and made a turn while driving up the sand dune. The turn was so sharp that the vehicle’s wheels lifted off the sand, and the vehicle began rolling. Cameras had been mounted inside the vehicle, so fans will be along for the ride, and they will be able to see how the vehicle crashed. Vicki revealed what happened after the accident as she was placed on a helicopter and flown to the hospital.

“During that time, I was in and out of consciousness. We had helmets on, but it was really scary. I’ve never rolled anything in my life. Bucket list checked. I’m done,” Vicki Gunvalson revealed, adding, “Next thing I know, I’m on a stretcher. The next thing you know I’m in a helicopter. The next thing you know I’m in a hospital. They cut all my clothes off me, wrote “trauma” on the side of my arm. Like, OK, this is kind of serious.”

Apparently, this accident was so severe that Vicki Gunvalson felt that this may be her time to go. Gunvalson had gone through quite the pain last year as she lost her mother and broke up with her boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, in a dramatic cancer scandal that rocked the entire reality television world. And it sounds like Gunvalson would have been alright with her life ending that day in California.

“I really believed that when I was laying there in the helicopter ride over to the hospital by myself, I really kind of felt this wasn’t my time, but I was prepared to go. I’ve accomplished a great life. I have two great kids, I have two great grandkids, I have a great business. I kind of just thought like, ‘If this is my time, I’m good,'” Vicki Gunvalson explained to Bravo, adding, “But once I realized that I wasn’t paralyzed and I was going to be OK, I just thought, ‘I’m gonna be OK. I got a second chance.'”

Vicki reveals that she was probably the one cast member who was hurt the most during the crash. Gunvalson explained that she went through severe therapy to get her life back on track, including going to the chiropractors. The other housewives haven’t really talked about the incident, but one can imagine it was a scary time for them, as well.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson’s story about the accident?

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]