Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Still Plan To Marry

Brad Pitt, 48, and Angelina Jolie, 37, are still among Hollywood’s hottest people and hottest couples — but they aren’t getting any younger. While out promoting his new film Pitt was recently asked if he still intends to tie the knot with Jolie.

“No plans yet, other than we are going to do it,” Pitt told US Weekly. “I plan very little as I get older.”

Initially the super couple of Pitt and Jolie had said they wouldn’t get married until everyone in the United States had the same right, referring to the issue of same-sex marriages, but their kids — six between them — had other ideas.

“We’re going to do it,” Pitt confirmed to the International Business Times. “We haven’t set a date yet, though. We are getting a lot of pressure from our kids.”

The couple fell in love in 2004 while co-starring in the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their relationship was subject to much media scrutiny as Pitt was still married to actress Jennifer Aniston at the time. The media dubbed the couple “Brangelina” and the media frenzy kicks up every time they make the news.

Pitt is currently promoting the film Killing Them Softly, in which he plays an assassin. The couple have been residing in Surrey, England during the summer while Jolie is shooting the film Maleficent.

Eventually Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will marry, and both have suggested a small ceremony. As to whether or not Pitt’s buddy George Clooney might serve as the best man, Pitt had something to say.

“Well, you know, he doesn’t believe in institutions,” Pitt said. “So he can get people to their seats or something.”