Chris Brown ‘High On Drugs’ During Dispute With Former Tour Manager Amid Beatdown Lawsuit

Chris Brown is in trouble yet again for allegedly threatening his tour manager over a dispute concerning employment terms.

Nancy Ghosh had accompanied the R&B singer on his European tour, but after an incident that reportedly took place last month, Ghosh decided to quit on the spot, stressing that she wasn’t going to put herself in danger following the shocking things that Brown was alleged to have said to her.

Nancy argues that she felt the need to talk to Chris about her employment sessions during the tour. It appeared that there was some sort of conflict between the hours Ghosh was expected to work in order to get the tour running smoothly and professionally.

When Nancy politely spoke with the singer about the situation, she claims that the 27-year-old began to call her endless derogatory terms, before threatening her not to get on his bad side unless she wants to end up like Brown’s former manager Mike G.

As previously reported, Mike G has filed a lawsuit against Chris Brown, alleging that the singer verbally and physically abused him throughout his time working with the “Forever” singer. The beatings were said to have been so bad, Mike was forced out of his job and spent several days in the hospital for medical treatments that he had to pay himself.

The ex-manager is now looking for compensation for the things Brown was said to have put him through, but Chris has already responded to the claims made by his former employee, laughing it off by saying that Mike won’t get a penny out of him.

With Nancy Ghosh now coming forward and admitting that she feared for her life after the incident she had with Chris, the singer could potentially find himself in two lawsuits. It is unclear whether Ghosh will be suing Brown for his reckless and threatening behavior towards her, but one thing is for sure, Nancy stresses that she will never work with Chris again.

Chris Brown’s behavior during the altercation was so bizarre, TMZ continues to quote Nancy’s statement, claiming she immediately jumped off the tour bus and quit on the spot. She was there to work for her client, not to be provoked and threatened with physical abuse, adding that the “Loyal” hitmaker handled the situation very unprofessionally.

One of the most important things that Nancy notes about the incident is that Chris Brown was reportedly high on drugs during the argument. His actions were irrational, giving Ghosh every reason to believe that the singer may end up hurting her if she continued to work for him.

As Inquisitr reported last week, baby mama Nia Guzman is reportedly concerned for her daughter’s safety following the news that Mike G was abused by the father-of-one on multiple occasions. And now that Nancy is making similar claims, Nia has been given another reason as to why she should file for sole custody of two-year-old Royalty.

Guzman thinks that Chris Brown’s reckless actions will eventually begin to affect their daughter, especially since two people have now claimed to have been verbally or physically abused by the 27-year-old in less than two weeks.

Sources say that Nia is weighing out her options, yet the chances of filing for sole custody are rather high. Guzman wants Chris to be in her child’s life, but with the supposed drugs and abusive behavior he has been showing towards his team, Nia has every reason to make sure she attains full custody for the sake of their daughter’s safety.

[Photo by Lucy Nicholson – Pool/Getty Images]