Beyonce Abruptly Leaves ‘BET Awards 2016’ After Performance: Fans Slam Singer For Ditching Ceremony Early

Beyonce left fans puzzled when she decided to leave the BET Awards right after opening the award ceremony with her new single “Freedom,” featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar.

When the 34-year-old singer was supposed to accept her award for Video of the Year, her mother, Tina Knowles, came on stage, telling viewers that her daughter had to leave the event in order to make her flight out to London, where her Formation tour will kick off its European leg.

But when Beyonce’s fans did some research, they noticed that the “Sandcastles” hitmaker wasn’t set to take the stage at the Wembley Arena until July 2, giving her more than five days to head out to London for the concert.

All in all, it didn’t take long for Beyonce to trend on Twitter, as fans began to mock Tina’s acceptance speech, claiming the mother-of-one couldn’t stick around because of a show she needed to get to out in London.

“Beyonce got a whole a** week to get to that concert lmaooo,” one user wrote, taking a screenshot of the first date Beyonce is set to perform in the U.K. — clearly marking July 2. Another fan wrote “Jesus. Beyonce only mess with BET for the money,” as another continued by saying, “Beyonce had her mother lying on national tv. she has a whole week before the concert.”

What fans don’t know is that, for Beyonce to perform at the event next week, she needs a lot of rehearsal time, and considering the fact that her stage still needs setting up and has to undergo several screen tests, it is probably fair to assume that Tina wasn’t lying after all.

Fans just assumed that Beyonce will get to London and continue her show without any rehearsal and time to analyze where her dances will stand during the performances — after all, every arena tends to be placed in different spots.

Whatever the case may be, viewers clearly weren’t happy with the fact that Bey decided to bail on the Bet Awards two hours before the show was to close, only sticking around for her performance and then letting her mother make an acceptance speech on her behalf.

The network remained quiet when asked whether Beyonce could potentially make a surprise appearance prior to the event kicking off last night. While every artist who took to the stage at the BET Awards ended up rehearsing at the venue throughout the week, Beyonce never showed up. It is believed that she was practicing her routine at another studio, making her performance at the ceremony that much more surprising and exciting.

Following Beyonce’s exit from the show, the tweets kept on coming in, with one user writing, “Lol the lies… Beyonce’s performance in London is not until July 2nd. Why did you jet off so fast Beyonce,” clearly puzzled by the singer’s decision not to stick around for the remainder of the show.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the Formation tour has already become one of the highest-grossing concerts this year, beating out the likes of Rihanna and Justin Bieber to surpass $90 million in ticket sales from just 19 shows.

Beyonce leaves BET early

Beyonce extended her tour due to popular demand, meaning that her final concert won’t be until October 2 when she’ll hit the stage one last time in Nashville.

All in all, what did you make of Beyonce’s disappearance at the Bet Awards?

[Photo by Frank Micelotta/Parkwood Entertainment via Getty Images]