Casio’s new printers are so involved they should just call them computers

Casio is set to release to new models of photo printers, and they’re so involved and complicated they should just call them computers.

The PCP-1300 and PCP-300 print postcard-sized pictures and are a compact 251×130×151(147) mm. PCP-1300 features a 7″ LCD touchscreen display with 480*234 resolution and is compatible with most memory cards, but it’s not cheap at $577. PCP-300 is lighter, offers a 3.5-inch display with 240*320 resolution and costs $420.

Nice little preview screens on printers are hardly new, but this is getting insane now, because both printers include a full QWERTY keyboard. Yes, a keyboard on a printer. So it has a touch screen and a keyboard (presumably allowing you do add text to images) and just happens to print as well….sounds an awful lot like a locked down single purpose computer that just happens to print as well.

Given you can buy a netbook for a under $300 and a decent enough printer now for under $200, why would anyone hand over $577 or even $420 for one of these? I’m beat. Both go on sale in the Unites States in September.