Weight Loss Secrets For The Busy, Working Mom – So Easy That Anyone Can Achieving Lasting Results

Chrissie Williams - Author

Jun. 26 2016, Updated 7:58 p.m. ET

With just a few changes to your diet, you can lose weight without much effort. Simple changes often make a HUGE difference, so it isn’t a big secret that by just altering your diet a little, it can make a huge impact. Below are simple ways to trim fat and lose weight quickly — even if you are a busy, working mother.

For dinner, opt to drink black coffee. No need to add milk and sugar. That adds 80 calories to your coffee. Time reports that not only is black coffee calorie free, but the caffeine in it, helps raise your metabolism too. Think about it: if you drink two coffees a day (160 calories), every year you could lose 16 pounds from that small change.

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Another weight loss tip is to sniff fresh green apples, bananas, and pears. Just inhaling the fresh fruit for 15 seconds can curb your appetite and make desserts less appealing, a health study found. Scientists think the reason it decreases your appetite is that it wires your brain to eat healthier choices when you sniff the fruit for 15-30 seconds. The research found that scented lotions had the same effect. Don’t delay, pick up an apple, banana, or pear scented lotion today.

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Eat stone fruits, such as peaches and plums, daily. Studies suggest that they may help ward off belly fat, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance. Scientists aren’t entirely sure how the fruit helps reduce belly fat, but they know consuming the fruit helps. Next time you are at the grocery store, pick up a few plums and have a serving for a snack or chop it up to top a fresh tossed salad.

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Self explains that eating a snack before attending a party to prevent overeating is an excellent weight loss strategy. Before you embark on a work dinner party or birthday bash, drink a cup of beef broth or an apple, and it will reduce your food intake at the party by 20 percent. With the average restaurant meal topping in at 1,200 calories, 20 percent could lead to a 25-pound loss.

Get your friend involved with your weight loss journey, and have them meet you at the gym before you go out for drinks. Work out for an hour before you have a ladies’ night out. It works not only for your friends, but your spouse or family members. It’s a perfect balance, you can socialize with your friends, exercise, and hot the bar afterward. Studies have proven over and over; people are more likely to stick to an exercise plan when they exercise with friends or loved ones.

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Don’t be afraid to microwave the veggies. It’s true that vegetables are good for you whether they are fresh, frozen, or canned. A recent study found that frozen may be the best way to eat your vegetables because they hold up best in the microwave. The study found that canned vegetables may lose almost all their vitamin C and B in the processing plant. That may be reason enough to skip the canned goods and opt for fresh or frozen veggies.

If you follow these six simple tips, losing weight and getting healthy will be straightforward and painless. You have nothing but pounds to lose. Once you make the changes, you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner, because nothing tastes better than being fit, healthy, and lean.

These tips are fantastic and were made for the busy, working mother. They were made to have fast results, and to not take too much time. Have you tried some of these tips before? How did they work for you?


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