Two NASCAR Drivers Brawl Mid Race - Announcers Go Wild For Spencer Gallagher Vs Jon Wes Townley Fight [Video]

Christopher Bell, 20, won NASCAR's Truck Series race on Saturday night, but that is not what fans were talking about Sunday morning. The talk of the racing world was the hilarious brawl between two NASCAR drivers that broke out on the track. Spencer Gallagher and Jon Wes Townley got into a fist fight that went on for over a minute, much to the commentators glee.

The brawl started when their two trucks collided for the second time with only 40 laps to go in the Drivin' For Linemen 200 at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Ill. It was the second incident involving the two NASCAR drivers that day. The pair were involved in an incident earlier in the race, according to Fox Sports, but blows did not come until after the second crash. The two men climbed out of their trucks, exchanged a few words then started to wrestle right on the tarmac.

The first altercation came on Lap 149, when Gallagher's truck flew into the back of Townley's, sending him into the outside wall and the second altercation happened a few laps later. The two found each other again in the final stages of the 160-lapper and both trucks ended up in the wall with race-ending damage. The drivers spoke briefly after the second crash, then got into a physical fight.

Video footage of the brawl, uploaded to YouTube, shows Townley (yellow) punching Gallagher (blue) before the pair end up on the ground. Gallagher was largely overshadowed by Townley who was throwing most of the punches. The two were finally broken up and taken to separate ambulances after the unusual brawl.

Vince Welch was commentating the race and had a chuckle when the brawl started.

"John Wes Townley and Spencer Gallagher down there in turn one, and there's points for a take-down! And the fans are loving it," Welch said.

"We had it scored 8-2 in favor of John Wes Townley," joked fellow commentator Phil Parsons.

"You gotta have a point for blows landed," said another announcer.

What is concerning is that no teammates or officials chose to jump in and break up the brawl, they let the fight play out. This is despite the fact that the race was still going and a commentator can be heard asking where the other trucks were.

The punches and body-slams on the race track could have been due to the heightened frustration when the race was delayed for over an hour due to rain. Officials also re-started the drivers three times and nine cautions were given out so patience was wearing thin.

Despite the tensions rising on the day the brawl between NASCAR drivers Gallagher and Townely may have been a long time coming anyway. Townley threw a punch at Gallagher during a race back in 2014, according to the Daily News and Townley again threw the first punch during the weekends race. He managed to get a few jabs in before an official finally came running to break, what ended up looking like an embrace, up.

One or both of the men could face penalties from NASCAR, but we will not know until later in the week.

Many people weighed in on the NASCAR driver's brawl and most were amused, including racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his fiancee Amy Reimann, who both took to Twitter after the fight broke out.

Another racer, Tony Stewart, also took to Twitter but in support of the fight.
NASCAR fans and other sportsmen also took to Twitter to show their amusement at the embarrassing scuffle.
Townley and Gallagher were not the only two NASCAR drivers to get into a crash on the weekend. Austin Wayne Self, Jordan Anderson, Jennifer Joe Cobb, and Byron Williams all walked away with wrecked race trucks but managed to escape any fighting.

Cobb and Self were both also put into ambulances for a mandatory trip to the infield car center. They were both released with no injuries.

Results For Drive In For Lineman 200

  1. Christopher Bell
  2. Ben Rhodes.
  3. Daniel Hemric
  4. Johnny Suater
  5. Eric Jones.
  6. John Hunter Nemecheck
  7. German Quiroga Jr.
  8. Kaz Grala
  9. Ben Kennedy
  10. Timothy Peters
The Camping World Truck Series will now head to Kentucky Speedway in two weeks for the tenth race of the season.

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