Adele Glastonbury Performance Ruined By Burping And Swearing? — Are Fans Turning Against Her

Adele is known for many things, her beautiful music, her multi-platinum albums… and her tendency to swear at the drop of a hat. In the past, those qualities have endeared her to fans and casual music listeners alike. But has the “Hello” singer taken it a step too far.

The Mirror reports that Adele swore over 30 times during her Glastonbury set. She even dropped an F-bomb before she completed her opening song, “Hello.”

“You are f**king amazing!” she said to the crowd before the song ended.

As you can imagine, Adele’s “potty mouth” didn’t stop there. After an uninterrupted string of songs, she came back with some more expletive-laden acknowledgements of the crowd.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Hi,” she said. “This is the best f*****g moment of my whole life. Oh my God. Look at you. Can you put the lights on [the audience] more? I want to see them.”

As Gossip Cop reports, not everyone was a fan of Adele swearing, and they made their feelings known on Twitter.

Others joked that Adele would easily fill up a swear jar if she owned one.

As The Mirror reports, Adele did admit during her performance that the BBC warned her not to swear at Glastonbury, but the Grammy Award-winning singer songwriter obviously paid them no mind.

If the swearing wasn’t awkward enough, Adele also burped in a fan’s face during a selfie session on stage.

As the Brazilian fan named Maria stretched arm to take a selfie with Adele, the singer asked, “Do you want me to do it?” Adele took the girl’s phone and took the selfie, and then admitted she had belched in the poor girl’s face, US Weekly reports.

“Oh my God, I just burped!” Adele exclaimed as she laughed and gave Maria a hug. “I’ll see you later, Maria,” she said, as she continued to laugh.

But unlike her swearing, lots of people found her burp charming.

Despite complaints about her potty mouth, the Adele Glastonbury appearance got some rave reviews. Even BBC News had positive things to say.

“Pop star Adele has conquered the Glastonbury festival with an emotional set, full of generosity and warmth,” Mark Savage wrote for BBC News.

For Adele, Glastonbury was a landmark moment in her career,BBC News reports. She told the 160,000 people who had come to see her that it had always been a dream of hers to perform at the festival, but stage fright kept her away.

“Glastonbury means the world to me, I’m not even lying,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to do this my whole life but I’ve been too scared.”

That admission was made more meaningful when she brought a very young fan up on stage for an impromptu selfie. She told the young girl she had been coming to Glastonbury since she was about her age.

One of the more beautiful moments of the Adele Glastonbury set was when the singer led the huge crowd in a “Someone Like You” singalong.

As BBC News notes, the reception from the crowd made Adele not want to leave the Glastonbury stage.

“I didn’t want to come on and now I don’t want to go off” she said, clearly emotional. “I have never been so moved by anything in my life… This is, by far, the best moment of my life so far.”

[Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images]