Have A Netflix Bingeworthy Summer – Join Subscribers Cutting The Cord On Cable

As more are voicing their complaints about overcharges for cable service and searching for ways to cut the cord, Netflix is offering up huge servings of bingeworthy shows — and maybe even offline viewing. Kicking off Summer 2016 with new installments of Orange is the New Black as well as Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez’s new flick, The Fundamentals of Caring, the subscription based web service is helping viewers gear up for a lot more summer chilling.

Netflix has also taken some cues from cable — amidst its woes — and is injecting variety into its platform to include more series, reality shows, independently produced films and news media. If you haven’t logged in to your account for a while, you will be surprised by the new shows only available on its service.

What’s Streaming?

New to Netflix streaming are Chelsea Handler’s weekly talk show simply titled, Chelsea and Lady Dynamite starring comedian Maria Bamford. Media talks also suggest a new reality series starring social media giant Cameron Dallas.

Of course the California-based company continues to stream one of its most popular series, OITNB, that consistently engages one of the most diverse audiences, including women and men of all ages, races, sexual orientations and criminal backgrounds. And, fan favorite, Walking Dead. But, it also boasts top ratings from its family-oriented, 1980’s-inspired sitcom, Fuller House. Have mercy!

Upcoming shows are also expected to be crowd pleasers.

On July 15th, Netflix adds Stranger Things to its lineup, starring Winona Ryder. Entertainment Weekly reports the new sci-fi/drama/supernatural thriller series will serve as a “love letter to the ubiquitous cult classics” of the 80’s. The eight-part series takes place in Indiana and stars Ryder as a mother, Joyce Byers, in search of her missing son who has mysteriously disappeared. Throughout her journey, she discovers government experiments and supernatural forces.

This is her first leading role for a quasi-TV series and 44-year old Ryder expressed her excitement over the new venture to People.

“It’s all about trying something new. This is a genre that I enjoy watching, but haven’t necessarily explored before, which drew me to the project… I think the audience will love the nostalgic voyage back in time before technology had completely took over. Kids were asked to put their toys away at dinner – not their phones. Yet, there were astronauts going to space and government conspiracies loomed. It was just such a different world back then.”

Also joining the Netflix stream is Marcella. The series is written by The Bridge‘s creator, Hans Rosenfeldt and features a star filled cast, including Anna Friel (Limitless), Downtown Abbey‘s Laura Carmichael, Nicholas Pinnock (Sky’s Fortitude), Sinead Cusack (Jekyll and Hyde), and Game of Thrones‘ Harry Lloyd. The crime drama stars Friel as Marcella, a detective who has been away for 12 years but returns to London to work after her marriage ends.

Adding to the list of Marvel superheroes is Luke Cage, who’s slated to join the Netflix ranks on September 30th. Fans may remember Cage as a sidekick in Season 1 of Jessica Jones. Now, the hunky Mike Colter will reprieve his role as the unbreakable Luke Cage in his own series. The cast will also include legendary Alfre Woodard and House of Cards, Mahershala Ali, who has been very vocal about the importance of bringing on a black male as a leading superhero.

“There are going to be so many kids out there who get to see a black man on that screen and aspire to be like him. We didn’t have that. They get to be included.”

Ali will play a “Godfather-type” villain Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes.

Netflix will also bring new seasons of BoJack Horseman, Marco Polo, Jessica Jones, Narcos, and a new 13 part series, The Get Down. The Get Down is a musical drama about the rise of hip-hop in New York during the 1970’s New York and is produced by the Great Gatsby‘s production designer, Catherine Martin.

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