The Ugly Side Of Breast Implants: Breast Implant Illness Conference With Surgeons Brings Buzz

The new movement of breast “explantation” surgeries is growing. As reported by the Inquisitr, some women are choosing to have their breast implants removed after a number of years — usually because they’ve experienced adverse symptoms that they say appeared after their breast augmentation surgeries.

Crystal Harris Hefner, wife of Hugh Hefner, even shared the news about the breast explantation movement to her 5 million Facebook followers. Now more women are turning to social media platforms to share their stories. Surgeons are also coming together to hold conferences about breast implant illnesses that are driving some women to have their breast implants removed.

A compilation of YouTube videos from breast implant patients who had explantation surgeries has been created in a playlist by Jamee Cook. Another set of videos in a playlist called “The Ugly Side of Breast Implants” was created by Cook, who shared her own successful breast explantation story. Jamee’s journey featured a long time of suffering after she wrote that she made the decision to get breast implants — and ended up experiencing a plethora of negative reactions.

As seen in the above photo, a conference on breast implant illness will be held in Dallas on Saturday, July 16.

With more women coming forward in videos like the ones below to explain the reasons for wanting their breast implants removed, expect more conferences like those to appear popping up around the country. Whereas adverse symptoms experienced after getting breast implants are reported by many women as the reasons they want breast explantation surgery, some women — like the one in the below video — spoke of how her breast implants never felt natural to her, like something she always wanted to hide.

Once the YouTube user posted her follow-up video two months after having her breast implants removed, she reported having more energy in the wake of the explantation surgery.

Sara Jane McShane of Sara Jane Fitness shared her story about getting her own breast implants removed with Natural Muscle Magazine. Sara noted how she ironically went ahead and got the breast implants that she didn’t exactly need after losing weight and dealing with loose skin. Her doctor recommended using a small breast implant in order to give her breasts a lift. Things went fine for about one year after getting the breast implants — but took a drastic turn when even noises and lights began to bother McShane.

It got so bad that Sara couldn’t even exercise for many months.

After having her breast implants removed, McShane was on her journey to wellness. As noted in the article, Sara notes the #BreastImplantIllness hashtag on social media, which has nearly 500 photos on Instagram as of this writing. Many of them reflect horribly molded breast implants that were captured in photos taken in the operating room soon after the breast implants were removed. McShane wrote that the sight of her breast implants after they were removed were quite shocking to her, nearly making her sick.

Meanwhile, the NSFW breast implant removal questions and posts on Real Self have grown to nearly 2,300 entries right now.

As written by Instagram user cpenn1, in a post that displayed her removed breast implants, her implants were molded as well.

“These are my implants. This was taken 12 days post op. I didn’t notice the mold right after explant. So I spoke with my explant Dr. She said the mold was there at time of explant. Apparently it is continuing to grow after explant (gross). They were both leaking internal rupture. I had McGhan textured implants which has Been linked to a rare type of lymphoma. I had to have 3 lymph nodes removed and thank God there was no sign of lymphoma. Just Silicon in my lymph nodes. I’m at 2 weeks post op and healing. #breastimplantillness

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