‘Star Wars’ Actor John Boyega To Re-Team With Director

After appearing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, John Boyega’s career has now exploded. The 24-year-old actor has already signed up to reprise his role as Finn in Star Wars: Episode VIII, while it has also been confirmed that he’ll appear in Pacific Rim 2.

But John Boyega has now set the internet aflame with speculation, after he confirmed that he has reconnecting with director Joe Cornish, who previously oversaw the actor in one of his earliest roles, the sci-fi horror film, Attack The Block.

John Boyega took to Twitter on Friday to simply tease:

Obviously, this tweet doesn’t leave much room for interpretation, but it does suggest that the pair are intent on rekindling their working relationship again, just five years after the release of Attack The Block.

Released in 2011, Attack The Block was both written and directed by Joe Cornish, and was set on a South London council set that is suddenly set upon by alien invaders. It was met with hugely impressive critical reviews, and even though it failed to gross its budget back theatrically, it has since become a cult classic amongst movie fans.

In the past there has speculation that Joe Cornish might actually be working on either a U.S. remake of Attack The Block, or a television series that would be inspired and expand on the original film.

While talking to IFC all the way back in 2011, around the time that Attack The Block was originally released, Joe Cornish explained his approach.

“We’ve had approaches for a remake and a sequel. We’ve had approaches for a TV show to spin off it. But it’s very early days, you know. So it’s not out of the question but very early days, and I’d certainly like to do something different for my next thing if I get a chance to do a next thing.”

Speaking to Collider during this same period, Joe Cornish explained that John Boyega was particularly excited about the possibilities of an Attack The Block 2, even noting that Boyega had several ideas of his own for how to continue the story.

“He has this image of a bigger alien attack on London, as if the attack we saw in Attack the Block was just the [first] wave and there’s another wave of bigger creatures,” John Boyega explained. “And he described to me this image of Moses leading a whole army of hood kids across the Thames, next to the houses of Parliament. He had an image of Moses on a police horse. You know the police in London who have those horses they use in riots…somehow Moses has got onto one of those horses. So he’s on a horse leading this army of South London kids across the river to take on this bigger wave of aliens. So yeah it’s really fun to think of stuff like that and what we could do.”

Unfortunately, Joe Cornish, who also co-wrote The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn, and Ant-Man, and is currently working on Snow Crash, made these comments over half a decade ago there has been no progression regarding the potential sequel to Attack The Block. But after Star Wars: The Force Awakens turned John Boyega into one of the brightest young actors in Hollywood, there’s every chance that the idea for Attack The Block 2 could soon be rekindled.

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