Little Mix: Will They Announce U.S. Tour Dates?

Little Mix will be finishing their Get Weird Tour in the near future, and it is obvious that concert dates in North America are not getting any attention. Instead, just like 2014, it seems that Little Mix is foregoing an American tour to work on another album.

In the past, Little Mix has done three tours, including the current one for their album Get Weird. For their DNA Tour, it was their first after forming as a band because of their X Factor participation, and had a limited number of concert dates in the U.K. and Northern Europe.

The Salute Tour was much bigger, but when it came time for Little Mix to play in America, they backed out at the last minute and said that they needed to work on their third album which turned out to be Get Weird.

Little Mix is obviously not touring in America but has performed there

Of course, when Little Mix announced that they were going on tour for Get Weird in 2015, fans were excited because it was their biggest tour yet. On top of this, Little Mix also won an award for the biggest-selling arena tour in the U.K. for 2016, according to Digital Spy.

Sadly, none of this seemed to matter because there were no announcements that Little Mix would perform in America for the Get Weird Tour but they did plan appearances throughout Europe, the U.K., and Asia.

Is there some sort of problem that Little Mix has with America?

As it turns out, Little Mix were set to start touring America and Canada on September 10, 2014, but canceled it to start working on their third album, according to Billboard.

Following this, Little Mix decided to do a light tour in 2015 in the United States and Fun Kids Live stated that they were trying to do what One Direction did in 2013 to win over America.

This resulted in Little Mix doing a concert for awards shows, Good Morning America, and America’s Got Talent, according to Just Jared. These American television performances happened in the fall of 2015, and Little Mix fans might have seen the concerts as a buildup to an announcement about North American tour dates in 2016.

Unfortunately, The Guardian reported on December 9, 2015, that this mini-tour in the United States did not seem to do the trick, and Little Mix had not won over American audiences. About the situation, Spin‘s Brennan Carley was quoted the following about Little Mix’s America problem.

“I think part of the problem with [Little Mix] is that they’ve always been a bit too 90’s-grounded in their sound to launch big in the U.S. Theirs is a softer sound compared to Fifth Harmony’s icier jagged edges.”

This can be shocking for American Little Mix fans because they have won multiple awards and have topped the charts in the United States. For example, Gigs and Tours says that Little Mix is one of the only top chart-breakers popular in America from the U.K. since the Spice Girls.

On top of this, Twitter users post multiple times on a daily basis about the issue of Little Mix not touring America, specifically.

One Twitter user wrote on June 26, “@LittleMix Please tour North America this era. We waited five years” and tagged it with #GetWeirdTourNorthAmerica.

Little Mix is loved by Americans, but they have not toured there yet.

Another Little Mix fan tweeted on June 25 “I’m not even American and I want Little Mix to tour America so bad for themselves and for their fans.”

Is there a turf war contract between Little Mix and Fifth Harmony? Does this lack of Little Mix headlining tours in America make any sense?

For now, there have been no rumors or suggestions that Little Mix will be adding American performance dates, but that could change at any time since the band has a lot of free time after their last tour date on August 27, in Cambridge, U.K.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Little Mix recently announced that they have already started working on their fourth album. Will it have a clever title to win over Americans such as “Make America Great Again?”

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP]