Drake Lawsuit Update: Producer Sues After Claiming Drake Sent Bodyguards To Beat Him Up

More details are starting to emerge about a beatdown that was allegedly ordered by Drake. The producer who was beaten up is claiming that Drake sent his bodyguard to do his dirty work, and the violent assault landed the victim with a broken jaw.

Just days ago, TMZ reported that famous producer Detail had filed a lawsuit against Drake. In it, Detail claimed that Drake asked him to produce some music for him. After he declined to worth with the Canadian entertainer, Detail claimed that Drake retaliated by sending in his goons to beat him up.

Detail claimed that the Drake bodyguard beatdown was so bad that he was hospitalized for several days. He also claimed that he’s had trouble working since the incident. When he asked Drake to cover the medical expenses, the rapper downright refused. That is the reason that Detail says he decided to sue Drake and try to recoup some of the money he has had to spend getting his face fixed as well as the money he lost during the time he wasn’t able to work.

According to the lawsuit, Detail claims that the Drake beatdown stems all the way back to 2014. After he turned Drake down when asked to produce some music for him, he was invited to the rapper’s Calabasas home on claims that he just wanted to speak with Detail about working together again. Around 2 a.m. when Detail showed up, he says that Drake’s bodyguard Chubbs greeted him. It was at that point that he claims that Chubbs punched him right in the face.

The Drake lawsuit also lists the reason that Detail declined to work with him, according to Wetpaint. He claims that part of the Drake deal is that he couldn’t work with any other artists. Considering that Detail is a Grammy-winning producer who isn’t hurting for work, he refused to limit his roster in order to make music with Drake. Not used to hearing no, Detail claimed that Drake retaliated when he didn’t get his way.

Detail recently released pictures of his injuries and they do look pretty bad. The producer suffered two black eyes and a broken jaw. He spent several days in the hospital as he recovered.

So far, Drake hasn’t bothered to make an official statement about the lawsuit against him. He has taken a few opportunities to post jokes about the whole ordeal, though. Not to mention that Drake sending his goons to do his dirty work is something the rapper has been accused of doing in the past.

The last time Drake made news for reportedly sending his goons out, it was Jhonni Blaze on the other end of the beat down. The Love & Hip Hop Houston star outed Drake and even filed a police report after she claimed that he sent some henchmen to shut her up.

The whole incident was said to have happened after Jhonni got jealous that Drake was spending time with Lira Galore after they had spent a weekend together. Blaze claimed that she and Drake had unprotected sex during a weekend romp right before he flew to Toronto to be with her former friend, Lira. It was after Jhonni went off on Drake about his other women that she claimed he sent people to break down her door and shake her up.

No charges were ever filed against Drake, and Jhonni Blaze has since tried to smooth over the incident. It just shows that this isn’t the first time Drake has been accused of having his bodyguards do his dirty work. Given the history of accusations against the rapper and what is known of the incident, Drake may be in trouble when it comes to the lawsuit filed by Detail.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]