‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Slammed As 2016 ‘Worst Mother’ For Making Daughter, 7, A Bikini Model

Farrah Abraham has earned fame as a star on Teen Mom, but she also has acquired infamy for actions that many consider reveal a lack of parenting skills. Now Farrah has added more ammunition to those who think she’s a contender for the unofficial Bad Mommy Of The Year award by encouraging her daughter to flaunt her tiny figure in a bikini, reported She Knows.

In the photo that Abraham shared on Instagram, Sophia poses beneath a picturesque palm tree.

Farrah used her caption to proclaim herself a “mom manager,” praising her daughter’s photo shoot and describing her as a super model.

“#mommanager #behindthescenes @sophialabraham #supermodel shoots are going so awesome today! #Orlando #Florida #sophiaFarrah,” wrote Abraham.

“Her kid is way too young to be ‘modeling,’ ” slammed one concerned commentator.

Some expressed concern about the impact on Sophia, noting that the little girl should be involved in more child-friendly activities than posing in bikinis.

“She deserves to have a normal life blowing bubbles and playing tag or jump rope with other kids. You’re teaching her to be fake like yourself. Good job #mommanager.”

Some comments were even more harsh.

“Awwww she’s teaching her daughter to be a wh*re,” dissed one follower.

Farrah Abraham and her daughter Sophia have become controversial.
“She’ll be doing porn soon and getting her tw*t molded JUST LIKE #mommanager,” predicted another.

In addition to those who criticized Abraham for turning her daughter into a bikini-clad model, one person recommended involving child services to “take her child away for sexualizing her in this manner.”

Farrah also has been criticized for allowing Sophia to plaster on makeup, including wearing cosmetics to school. The little girl has her own social media accounts, and Abraham revealed that if Sophia decides she wants to undergo plastic surgery procedures, Farrah will give the green light to surgery.

Farrah Abraham poses with her mini-me daughter Sophia.
But there were those who defended Farrah.

“Never mind what people say @farrah__abraham you’re doing just great,” wrote one member of Team Farrah Abraham.

Despite the debates that result when Abraham posts another photo of her daughter on Instagram, she has continued to offer more opportunities for comments. A new picture in which Sophia showed off her makeup garnered a backlash focusing on how the use of cosmetics might adversely affect the little girl’s future.

Some followers responded by pleading with Farrah to allow her daughter to be a child.

“This poor baby. Life may be hard if she heads down this path. I’m sorry if that’s harsh. Truth is hard sometimes. Please let her be a kid,” wrote one such commentator.

Then there were those who did not object to Abraham choosing to post photos of her child, but did question why Farrah was encouraging Sophia to use so much makeup.

“She is natural beauty why so much make up on such a young kid. I just don’t get it,” puzzled one follower.

Abraham herself earned fame for more than Teen Mom, pointed out Yahoo.

In addition to appearing in reality TV shows such as 16 and Pregnant as well as Teen Mom, Farrah shocked fans with repeatedly undergoing plastic surgery procedures. She also starred in a sex tape with porn star James Deen. But recently Abraham has been getting just as much attention by steering her 7-year-old daughter into the spotlight.

Farrah has repeatedly been accused for “sexualizing” her daughter, with those critics pointing to the bikini outfits and the constant use of sophisticated makeup. One person summed up the backlash succinctly.

“Worst mother of the year goes to…@farrah__abraham.”

[Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images]