One Direction Fans Trend ‘Muslims Are Beautiful’ Hashtag As 1D Fan Fiction Gets Noticed

One Direction might be taking a break, but their fans have their own version of going solo and have been taking the Directioner fan army into new territory. On top of starting a hashtag trend about Muslims, some One Direction fans are also getting their 15 minutes of fame for their literary talents.

Although One Direction is technically on vacation, Maximum Pop and others are still promoting their music. For example, One Direction needs fan votes for the Song of the Summer 2016 for their tune, “History.”

Regardless, there is a surprising absence of One Direction in the lives of fans, and, as summer wears on without them, Directioners continue to create things of beauty to honor their favorite band. Some of those examples include One Direction fan art, song covers, or remixes.

One other unique aspect of One Direction fans is their ability to #BreakTheInternet. While some Directioners tend to steer the fan army toward voting for the cutest picture of Niall Horan, over the years there have been One Direction hashtag trends meant to make the world a better place.

Although no one has tallied the data, it is likely that tens of thousands (if not millions) of dollars have been raised by One Direction fans for charities by hashtag power alone in the past five years.

One Direction fans have started to tweet #MuslimsAreBeautiful

Adding to their list of magic hashtag spells, One Direction fans recently decided to revive the hashtag “Muslims Are Beautiful.” Around June 21, One Direction fan Krystina Loves Niall wrote “I think we should trend #MuslimsAreBeautiful let’s show we care and love Muslims.”

The hashtag quickly caught on, and many One Direction fans tweeted their praise of the Muslims Are Beautiful trend with responses such as “I’m so proud of our fandom for starting such a kind and sweet trend.”

Eventually, as the One Direction fandom trend progressed over the course of a day, references to Zayn Malik or Ramadan were made, and Muslim One Direction fans showed their appreciation.

On top of being prominent do-gooders on Twitter, the One Direction fan army has always had a special place on the internet for fan fiction, and some of the fantasies of Directioners have become extremely popular.

Publishers Weekly writes on June 24 that Molly Night, author of the WattPad One Direction fan fiction work “Dark and Dangerous Love,” was not advancing in her career. This can be shocking for One Direction fans since she was so popular with Directioners that won her the 2015 “people’s choice” award from WattPad because she had tallied more than 100 million reads.

Despite having so many One Direction fans on her side and being a big part of the fandom, Molly Night found that she was not able to “venture beyond WattPad.” Part of her reservations is that she did not want to charge One Direction fans for something that was not “edited thoroughly” and stated the following.

“I want my readers to buy versions of my stories that are written to the best of my abilities.”

Naturally, fan fiction has always been popular with One Direction fans, and the rest of the world is just now finding that out.

Refinery29 gave their own review of the “craziest” One Direction fan fiction on June 21, and one of their favorites is a story on WattPad that got 3 million views, and the synopsis is “Liam is a hardcore fan and Harry is a rock star.”

One Direction fan fiction has millions of readers, but they remain free of charge.
Of course, the real happy ending many One Direction fans are hoping for is Zayn Malik reuniting with One Direction. J-14 writes on June 22 that these hopes were revived by insiders that said Gigi Hadid wants Zayn Malik to get back together with One Direction and stated the following.

“Zayn has always suffered from anxiety and since he has gone solo, it has only gotten worse…[Gigi Hadid] knows [One Direction] have had their ups and downs over the years, but Zayn was always able to perform with his mates around him.”

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