‘Teen Mom 2’ Jeremy Calvert And Brooke Wehr Pregnant And Getting Married?

EnStarz has begun to speculate that Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr may be gearing up to walk down the aisle, based on recent posts on Instagram. InTouch Weekly has also speculated that the Teen Mom 2 couple may be expecting a child. This, again, is based on an Instagram post the couple recently made.


“Babe I say honeymoon right here,” was the caption Jeremy Calvert used to label this picture. He followed the caption with several exclamation points and tagged his girlfriend Brooke Wehr in the photo. “Haha yes u know I’m all in,” Brooke responded to the picture Jeremy tagged her again. Just like Jeremy’s caption, Brooke’s response had several exclamation points following it.

Unfortunately, Teen Mom 2 fans will still have to sit and wonder whether or not Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are engaged to be married as this is not something the couple has confirmed to the public eye. According to EnStarz, Brooke had also posted a picture of her with her daughter on Instagram that further supported the engagement rumors. In the picture, Brooke appeared to be wearing some sort of ring on her finger.

Could it have been an engagement ring she was wearing? At the moment, no one really knows. Neither Brooke nor Jeremy has mentioned anything about being engaged or having plans to get married.

Jeremy Calvert and Brooke first started this romance in 2015. The relationship started to bloom almost immediate following the divorce finalization from Leah Messer. Later that year, there was a brief period of time where Calvert and Wehr broke up, but they did end up rekindling the relationship after some time apart.

“They split for a little while but are back together right now and going strong,” an insider revealed.

“Brooke is really different from Leah and Jeremy is really happy with her. They have a lot of fun together.”

It was around this time that Calvert acquired a different position at his job. This position allowed him to spend more time at home with Brooke and her young daughter. Teen Mom 2 fans may recall that one of Leah’s biggest complaints, when the two were together, was how much time Jeremy spent at work instead of being with his family. Is it possible that he changed his ways to hang on to Brooke after things didn’t work out? Or, is it more likely Jeremy preferred being at work then being with Leah, but has changed his role at work because he’s happier with Brooke than he was with Leah?

“He’s still working in the pipe lining business, but this position means less traveling for Jeremy, which is good for his relationship with Brooke. It will also give Jeremy a lot more time with his daughter.”

While Teen Mom 2 fans firmly believe Calvert and Wehr are living under the same roof. The same insider source claims the couple is trying to take things slow.

“They’re in no rush to live together or anything like that. They both have daughters, so they want to make sure that they are going to last before they move in together and get the kids involved.”

During the Teen Mom 2 reunion special of Season 7, Messer slammed Calvert by claiming he had changed in the worst way as a parent for his daughter Adalynn since he started dating Wehr. Leah argues Jeremy spends more time with Brooke’s daughter and cares more about his girlfriend’s daughter than his own.


Three days ago, Jeremy shared the picture above on Instagram with the caption, “Gosh this girl is pretty much amazing in so many ways. Hopefully we get great news today babe.”

Teen Mom 2 fans speculate the couple may be pregnant. After all, what other “good news” could the Teen Mom 2 couple be waiting for inside of a bathroom where the picture appears to have been taken?

Do you think Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are married? How about pregnant? Is it possible they are considering getting married because they are pregnant? Only time will tell!

[Image via Instagram/Jeremy Calvert]