‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 Adds ‘Twilight’ Star Taylor Lautner And John Stamos — Everything We Know So Far

Scream Queens added a couple of new faces to the lineup for its upcoming season.

While the horror comedy prepares for Season 2, Entertainment Weekly reports that Taylor Lautner has been cast for a role on the show.

The sophomore season will see a number of changes, including a different setting. A hospital will serve as the backdrop this season, while Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis), Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin), Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd), Zayday (Keke Palmer), and Hester (Lea Michele) will return as hospital employees.

Lautner is expected to play the part of Dr. Cassidy Cascade. The Twilight alum will spark a romance with Lourd’s character while some different tragedies befall the hospital.

This is the first time Lautner has starred on a U.S. TV show. He previously had a part on Cuckoo, a British show.

Although he is known for his work on the Twilight series, Lautner has worked in the realm of comedy. Most recently, the actor starred alongside Adam Sandler in The Ridiculous 6.

Lautner also appeared on Grown Ups 2, Valentine’s Day, and Abduction.

According to Us Magazine, John Stamos has also been cast to play the role of Dr. Brock Holt, a surgeon in the hospital.

John Stamos [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]
Stamos is well-known for his time on the hit Full House and Netflix’s Fuller House as Jesse Katsopolis.

Design & Trend is reporting that Stamos and Lautner are part of a handful of new male characters on the show. The majority of the male roles will be doctors in their late 20s or early 30s.

Scream Queens creator Ryan Murphy hinted at the shakeup in casting during Fan Fright Fest last fall.

“I’ve already started to meet [potential] cast members,” he revealed. “I like to go after people I’ve always loved and never worked with before like Keke [Palmer]. But Keke’s now in my world and will always be in my world, but sometimes people will just write me emails and I’ve gotten a lot of emails.”

A popular male pop star sent Murphy an email and will be included next season. Unfortunately, Murphy couldn’t divulge the identity of the singer.

“Singer. Big pop star. I can’t give it away, they’d kill me. A male,” Murphy stated.

Meanwhile, other develops are underway on the hit show. According to the Bit Bag, production for Season 2 of Scream Queens is about to start and cast members have yet to get the script.

Apparently, Murphy likes to keep things very secretive and doesn’t release the script until filming is ready to go.

“I would assume we’ll get a script in the next three weeks,” Curtis explained an interview with Deadline.

Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Munsch on 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox]
The actress went on to express her excitement for the new season and revealed a time jump is in store for all the characters.

“I know there’s a time skip—and I know that term because I have a 20-year-old fan of a show called One Piece, which is a Japanese anime TV show,” Curtis said. “For me, the pleasure will be in the mouthfuls of ideas and words that I get to say, channeled through this funny woman. It’s just been a real pleasure in my life—a real bloody feather in my cap.”

“And who knows?” she added. “Maybe this season, I’ll be the prey!”

At the same time, fans can expect a much darker season than the first. This is partly due to the new setting, which, according to Curtis, includes “dark hallways, scary rooms, sharp objects, a lot of blood, disinfectants.”

Scream Queens is set to premiere its new season September 20 on Fox.

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