WWE News: Vince McMahon And Triple H’s Creative Differences Over Title Change At ‘Money In The Bank’

Ever since the reemergence of Shane McMahon back in January, countless reports, rumors and speculation swirled around the corporate structure backstage in WWE, specifically surrounding Shane, Vince and Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H. For the most part, notions of any power struggle have largely subsided. Vince remains the ultimate decision-maker, Shane is strictly an on-screen performer with a salary that reflects it and Triple H and Stephanie are still in line to take over the business.

All that being said, Vince and Triple H, while productively engaged in a transition period, still share different visions of what the WWE should be. That’s most evident in the brands they’re in charge of. Vince has final say over all main-roster decisions, with Triple H exercising full autonomy over NXT. Since becoming a weekly offering on the WWE Network, the company’s developmental brand displays distinct differences in how it’s presented. NXT delivers shorter promos, arguably better matches, and vastly more freedom for the announce team.

Through logical deduction, fans have envisioned that style of sports entertainment transitioning to the main roster whenever the day comes that Vince steps down and Triple H assumes control of creative. Until that day comes, however, Vince’s word is final no matter what anyone, including his son-in-law, might say. As it happens, the most recent example of their creative differences clashing came to light last Sunday at WWE’s most recent pay-per-view, Money In The Bank.

seth rollins becomes champion again
As previously noted, Roman Reigns was recently suspended for violating the WWE Talent Wellness Policy, taking him off programming for 30 days. And as the Inquisitr reported earlier this week, Vince and other WWE officials were aware of Reigns’ failed test even before Money In The Bank. Roman still defended his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins, but more surprisingly, he remained in the booking of the Battleground triple threat with Rollins and Ambrose. Taking the title off of Reigns was deemed a necessity, but giving it to Ambrose was a last-minute decision, made perhaps as late as the actual day of the event.

How the title switch came about became a point of contention between Vince McMahon and Triple, according to Ringside News. Triple H was pushing for Ambrose to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract during the actual match between Reigns and Rollins. Hunter did not seem to care who Ambrose would eventually pin. The basis of his argument was to have The Lunatic Fringe beat both of the main event participants, perhaps as a seed-planter in an eventual triple threat rematch. Vince had other ideas, however.

seth rollins vs dean ambrose
The way things played out at Money In The Bank was Vince’s final verdict. The chairman decreed that Reigns should be pinned clean, as punishment for failing the Wellness test. With the final decision to give the belt to Ambrose made, it then was clear and apparent that he would have to pin Rollins shortly after Seth’s victory. With each passing day, it’s become more clear that making the title change was more due to the violation rather than the poor live event attendance at shows where Reigns was the headliner. It certainly helped Ambrose’s case that the shows he led were doing similar numbers to Roman’s, but the failed drug test sealed their fates.

Vince recently gave Triple H the green light in regards to promoting NXT talent to the main roster, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Mr. McMahon will let The Game call the shots in the big leagues. Title reigns are always interesting to follow, but this one especially, as the Inquisitr recently reported that Ambrose’s could end as early as Battleground. Whether Triple H will have any say in that remains to be seen, especially with a bigger focus about to be placed on new talent as the brand extension nears.

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