‘Making A Murderer’s’ Steven Avery Innocent? New Scientific Tests Could Set Him Free

Major developments are underway in Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery’s murder case.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that new evidence could prove that Avery did not kill Teresa Halbach.

Following the success of Making a Murderer, Avery hired a new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner. Zellner has exonerated more than a dozen individuals who were wrongfully accused.

Now, she has her eyes set on proving Avery’s innocent.

In order to free Avery, Zellner is concentrating her efforts on Halbach’s car keys that were allegedly found in Avery’s home.

Zellner plans on testing the keys for traces of solvent, which would indicate that police wiped off Teresa’s DNA and planted Avery’s on the key.

Authorities say they found the key to Teresa’s RAV4 in Avery’s bedroom. The presence of the key was a key factor that led to Avery’s conviction and put him in prison without parole.

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Apart from the key, an insider told the outlet that Zellner has proof that Teresa left Avery’s property the day of her murder. This would prove that Teresa was not murdered on his property.

At the same time, another key piece of evidence was Avery’s blood that was found in Teresa’s car. Although the blood hurt Avery’s case, Zellner believes police planted it by using Avery’s blood they had on file.

Zellner wants to test the blood to determine its age, which would indicate whether or not it was planted.

With new evidence to support her case, Zellner plans on appealing as early as this summer.

“The appeal will be submitted Aug. 29 [and the goal] isn’t to get Steven a new trial,” an insider revealed. “Zellner wants his murder conviction vacated.”

Despite Avery’s conviction and life sentence, his close family and friends are positive that Zellner can turn things around.

“Steven is so lucky to have Zellner working for him because there is not one better,” a close friend shared. “I know her appeal will be the best shot Steven has at getting out of prison.”

As far as Avery is concerned, his life behind bars has improved a little. Avery is back with his ex-girlfriend, Sandy Greenman, who visits him fairly regularly.

Brendan Dassey [Image via Netflix]
Speaking of his prison life, the attention Avery received as a result of Making a Murderer threatened his day to day activities. According to Post Crescent, prison authorities considered moving Avery to a new facility over safety concerns.

Fortunately, Avery’s fellow prison mates were actually supportive of his plight.

“Offered him the opportunity to change housing and possibly a cell by the staff desk. He declined,” a prison employee stated. “We also discussed the possibility of moving to another institution and he didn’t think it was necessary.”

Instead of agreeing to a transfer, Avery told prison guards that “most inmates voice support of him and everyone has been very good to him.”

Although Avery is confident that he won’t be harmed, his newfound fame does make him a target. After all, there’s no telling who might hurt him in order gain their own 15 minutes in the limelight.

If something happened to Avery during his prison term, the prison would face harsh criticism and public backlash.

Avery, however, is not afraid of what might happen.

“He seems to relish the notoriety …” Bill Pollard, the prison’s warden, shared. “The only correspondence I received from him was a request to view the docu-drama from Netflix which I denied.”

In the end, the prison is protecting its reputation as much as Avery’s safety.

“Although he may like it, they won’t judge him if something happens,” Wall concluded.

Avery is serving a life sentence for Halbach’s murder, a crime that also put his nephew, Brendan Dassey, behind bars.

Making a Murderer is available to stream on Netflix.

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