What Time Does Shark Week Start Tonight? Discovery’s 2016 Shark Week TV Schedule Includes Eli Roth’s ‘Shark After Dark’ Talk Show

Discovery’s week of terrifying TV returns Sunday, June 26, with eight days of sharktastic programming including the return of Shark After Dark hosted by actor Eli Roth. In addition to the nightly programming, Discovery is going all-out with this year’s live shark cams and complete social media coverage of Shark Week 2016 on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Check out the complete Shark Week TV schedule below and don’t forget to hit “record” on your DVR so you don’t miss a single episode in this year’s exciting lineup including Tiger Beach, Isle of Jaws, Wrath of the Great White Serial Killer, and Air Jaws: Night Stalker, and 12 other programs that will make you just a wee bit nervous about going into the ocean summer.

There’s good news for viewers who want to learn about real sharks this week — the folks at Discovery won’t be airing an programming about bogus sea creatures like the Megalodon specials that aired in 2013 and 2014. The network realized that shark-lovers don’t like being duped when it comes to Shark Week, so, just like last year, there won’t be any fake shark stories on your TV screen this week.

Make Shark Week a social experience this year and connect with other shark-obsessed fans via Discovery’s various social media accounts. In addition to the full TV episode lineup below, viewers can check out videos, photos, and talk about all-things shark on the official Shark Week social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Love Snapchat? Follow Chompy Jr.’s Snaps (@SharkWeekSnaps).

The live Shark Cams are a must-see for those who can’t get enough of the amazing ocean predators should check out Discovery’s Shark Cam is live 24-hours a day. If you’re hosting a Shark Week party, impress your guests with some shark-related facts by reading through the Sharkopedia.

According to Entertainment Weekly, if you only watch one episode of Shark Week, Tiger Beach is the one to watch, but you may beg to differ. While watching a research team attempt an “in-water ultrasound on a 1,500-pound shark with razor-sharp teeth” sounds dangerously exciting, there’s so much great programming dedicated to other sharks including the great white, reef, mako, and tiger shark, viewers will want to watch every episode on the eight-day schedule.

Check out the complete episode-by-episode Shark Week 2016 TV schedule below. Discovery will be airing some of the episodes on repeat throughout the week — if you miss an episode, check your local cable listings for the dates and times of the repeats.

All episode times are shown in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Sunday, June 26: Tiger Beach(8 p.m.), The Return of Monster Mako (9 p.m), Isle of Jaws (10 p.m.), Shark After Dark (11 p.m.)

Monday, June 27: Shallow Water Invasion (8 p.m.), Jaws of the Deep(9 p.m.), Sharks Among Us (10 p.m.), Shark After Dark (11 p.m.)

Tuesday, June 28: Wrath of the Great White Serial Killer (9 p.m.), Air Jaws: Night Stalker (10 p.m.), Shark After Dark (11 p.m.)

“Why would a massive great white shark travel thousands of miles from across the Pacific into the icy-cold waters off Oregon? Why would they migrate to an area where great whites aren’t supposed to go? The answers may surprise you!”

Wednesday, June 29: Deadliest Shark(9 p.m.), Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off (10 p.m.), Shark After Dark (11 p.m. ET)

Thursday, June 30: Nuclear Sharks (9 p.m.), Jungle Shark (10 p.m.), Shark After Dark (11 p.m.)

Friday, July 1: Shark Bait (9 p.m.), Blue Serengeti (10 p.m.)

Saturday, July 2: Sharksanity (9 p.m.) includes highlights from Shark Week 2016.

Sunday, July 3: The Killing Games (9 p.m.).

“The Killing Games takes you into the mind of the shark… how they think, how they calculate their approach, how they use the sun to their advantage, and ultimately, how they are also able to attack prey on land.”

Check out the Shark Week promo video below while you wait for the series to kick off on Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET.

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