January 26, 2017
YouTube Hacker Team Says 'Big Things Are Coming' This Summer: Who Is Obnoxious And Pein?

YouTube has been rising as one of the newest legitimate entertainment sources available.

People have their Netflix and Chill, their binge watching on Amazon Prime, and their On Demand sources, but YouTube is rising up from being just a place to watch viral videos. Now there are YouTube celebrities with millions of subscribers, and those subscribers would binge watch their episodes just as much as they're currently binge watching Orange is the New Black.

With the YouTube fan base changing from just young adults to pretty much anyone who enjoys free entertainment, the visibility of YouTube celebrity channels is rising as well.

Now, a team of hackers has taken to warning the world that they intend to do big things in the summer of 2016.

WatchMojo seems to have been the first victim of what looks to be the start of a hacking spree affecting popular YouTube channels.

The hacker team responsible for the damage done to WatchMojo's YouTube channel goes by the name Obnoxious and Pein. It is mistakenly being reported as "Obnoxious and Pen" by many. In a comment left for PromoSeanTV, the hacker team commented from the same handle as their Twitter page, PoodleCorp.

"There's a thousand routes we can take. If something doesn't work, we can take a different route, we make sure to plan so we never get stuck. Btw you're the only person who got the name right im sick of everyone saying 'pen'."
The comment was made after PromoSeanTV responded to their initial post on his YouTube video reporting on the WatchMojo hack.

"Nothing can stop us," PoodleCorp wrote. "Might as well give in and enjoy the show."

PromoSeanTV asked what the motivation for their attacks was and the hacker team simply responded that all would be revealed over time. That's when PromoSeanTV asked what their plan was if things didn't work out the way they thought it would. That's when the hacker team responsible told him about their thousand possible routes and announced that the first video had been posted on their YouTube account.

The YouTube video shows words on a black background that move while dubstep plays. Nothing new is revealed in that video, except that another YouTube channel is in line to be hit.

"Tomorrow, another large YouTuber will be hit, and hit hard," the video says.

It is unclear at this time whether that video was posted before or after the hacker team hit the slightly smaller, but still popular, YouTube channel RedMercy.

RedMercy and WatchMojo have only one thing in common, they're YouTube channels.

WatchMojo has over 12 million subscribers, while RedMercy has just under 1 million. The WatchMojo YouTube channel focuses on top five and top ten lists, not unlike Cracked does. They have some none-list videos, but they're few and far between. The RedMercy YouTube channel isn't about lists at all; it features "let's play" gaming videos with commentary.

Due to the fact that there are significant differences between the two YouTube channels, it's almost impossible to predict where Obnoxious and Pein will strike. People have commented that they believe PewDiePie or Scarce might be next. Whichever YouTube channel is hit, however, it won't be hit because someone requested it.

On their Twitter page, Obnoxious and Pein have insisted that no one send them any requests. They insinuated that they didn't need requests because they have a specific schedule in motion.

It could be frightening to any YouTube user that this hacker team seems to have a hit list prepared and mysterious plans that could be anything. It could be just a mass scale practical joke or it could have more notorious motives behind it.

Whatever the case, it's clear that this hacker team is talented enough to get through two-factor authentication, putting any YouTube channel at risk.

[ Photo by WatchMojo YouTube Channel ]