John Enochs Gets One Day In Jail For 2 Indiana University Dismissed Rapes — Michael W.L. Deweese Gets 109.5 Years

The case of John Enochs is being called very similar to the rape case of Brock Turner, a man who made the news for a short six-month sentence for sexual assault, as reported by the Inquisitr. Enochs was a student at Indiana University Bloomington who was charged with raping two of John’s Indiana University fellow students. Now Enochs is making the news for a similar light sentence.

Hailing from Downers Grove, Illinois, John faced the two charges of rape in September 2015 — both felony charges — from alleged sexual assaults that occurred in 2013 and in April 2015. However, Enochs refuted those charges. As reported by real estate website Zillow, Downers Grove has an average home value of $306,200.

Enochs might have denied the rape charges, but he copped a guilty plea to the charge of battery with moderate bodily injury. As reported by Fox 59, John made a deal and admitted to the misdemeanor instead of the rape felonies. As a result, Enochs was able to basically walk free once his rape charges were dismissed. The former Indiana University frat man took his plea deal and was ultimately sentenced to probation on Thursday.

Enochs will serve only one year of probation and no jail time — besides the one day John spent in jail already — and such a light sentence is causing outrage on social media.

“With [more than] 40,000 students, IU Bloomington is the flagship institution of the Indiana University system and its largest university.”

John only spent one day in jail, according to court records, even though Enochs’ victim said that John raped her in April 2015 at a frat house. Enochs was shown on surveillance video going into a Delta Tau Delta frat house room with John’s victim. Enochs’ victim said she told John to stop over and over again, yet John allegedly held her down. The sexual assault victim reported drinking with others and said that when she went to use the bathroom, Enochs took her into a room and raped her. She did not know John.

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John’s victim was able to get away from Enochs’ room after approximately 24 minutes.

As reported by CBS News, Enochs is a 21-year-old man who attended Indiana University as a business student. John’s victim was determined to have vaginal lacerations, as found by health experts after conducting a rape kit, after she said Enochs raped her.

Another alleged rape report emerged against Enochs when authorities looked into his background. In October 2013, witnesses said they saw Enochs sexually assaulting a woman who was unconscious at the Delta Zeta sorority house. The rape victim helped cops in her case, and based on DNA evidence, Enochs was arrested. John recently turned himself into police when an arrest warrant was issued against Enochs.

Both sexual assaults took place in Bloomington; however, the woman in the earlier sexual attack told authorities that she did not recall what happened — even as friends said they saw Enochs raping her when she was passed out. The rape victim did not want to press charges against Enochs at first, but pursued rape charges after learning about John’s 2015 rape charges from the second woman.

Enochs did not graduate from Indiana University and was not enrolled in 2015.

The top photo above purports to be Enochs’ mugshot from the Monroe County Jail.

Adversely, another man named Michael W.L. Deweese, who pleaded guilty to two counts of rape at gunpoint near Indiana University — and didn’t get a plea deal — was sentenced to 109.5 years in prison, as reported by Fox 59.

The reaction on social media to Enochs has been swift, as seen in a sample comment below.

“Another day, another gets no sentence. is a rapist.”

[Image via Monroe County Jail]