Memphitz Explodes On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ During Argument With Toya Wright– K. Michelle Tweets About Scary Reality TV Scene

Toya Wright and Memphitz are currently appearing in Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and it looks like they may have needed more help than the We TV program can give. In a recent clip, Memphitz was seen in an explosive rage as he argued with Toya. The moment was so intense as Memphitz screamed at Toya to “shut the f**k up” that fans have been voicing their concern over her safety.

According to Us Weekly, the whole altercation started when Toya was trying to teach Tara Reid how to twerk. While the to women were messing around, they began to discuss whether or not Memphitz had cheated. That’s when Memphitz, who was obviously irritated, snapped, “I need love!” he barked. “If I don’t get love, yes, I’m going to get that love.”

Brittish Williams looked a little shocked when Lorenzo Gordon agreed with Memphitz and said that he understood what his new friend was trying to explain. Brittish and Lorenzo have had problems of their own with his infidelity over the years, and were on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars in an attempt to build up their own relationship. Certainly, siding with someone who said they would cheat should set his partner off, right?

In any case, Memphitz lost it on Toya Wright in what should have been a friendly group moment. During the argument, Memphitz accused Toya of refusing to take the time to learn about him while they were there, as he had done for her. Then he seemed to get too upset about the fight that came out of nowhere and instead of explaining what his issue was, Memphitz screamed at Toya, “shut the f**k up, don’t tell me what to do, little girl.” Then before storming out of the room, he screamed at Toya again to “clean that s**t up” as he pointed to a spilled beverage.

The whole altercation between Memphitz and Toya Wright on Marriage Boot Camp was so scary that even Tara Reid commented that it had upset her. The Sharknado star had to leave the room because she said that Memphitz’ outrage was scary.

After the argument (if you can call it that) between Memphitz and Toya was de-escalated, Elizabeth and Jim Carroll tried to calm the group down and get them sidetracked with some role playing exercises. That did the trick temporarily and the group was even able to play a tug-of-war game over the pool and have a bit of fun.

That didn’t stop Memphitz from having another freak out episode later that night, though. It’s unclear what set off Memphitz this time but later in the night, he was screaming at Toya again. This time, the cameras caught him saying, “I don’t stop doing nothing! I do what the f**k I want to do!”

Ever since the eye-popping episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars aired on We TV, fans have been talking about how shocked they were at the way Memphitz treats Toya Wright. Many even voiced their concern for her safety while reminding others that his ex-girlfriend, K. Michelle, warned him of Memphitz’ allegedly abusive behavior.

Not one to keep her mouth shut, especially when she’s finally been vindicated, K. Michelle responded to the shocking episode where Memphitz lashed out at Toya. On Twitter, K. Michelle wrote, “I could say I told you so. Heck, I will say I told you so, but what does that solve? Not the pain or embarrassment u all put on my name.”

Memphitz has also responded to the outrage over the Marriage Boot Camp clip. After Fameolous posted the clips online, Memphitz responded on Instagram and wrote, “In life, mistakes will be made and I’m kool with that. Not making the same mistakes twice is where I’m at with it these days. #MarriageBootCamp (rose emoji) I never have & never will put my hands on any woman. #TheEnd.”

Do you think Memphitz is telling the truth about never putting his hands on a woman and will his relationship with Toya Wright survive? Tell us what you think of this current Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars clip in the comments section below.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]