NASA Doesn’t Want You To See These Alien Apartment Buildings On A Mars Hillside, UFO Hunter Claims [Photo]

An alien hunter claims to have caught NASA once again in the act of covering up evidence of alien buildings and cities on Mars. According to the UFO blogger, NASA’s Curiosity rover photographed a section of a city on Mars consisting, apparently, of alien apartment buildings. But the agency has tried, deviously, to prevent the public from seeing the evidence.

Fellow armchair alien chasers have hailed Scott C. Waring’s latest “discovery” of evidence of alien life and civilization on Mars as a “historic breakthrough.”

According to Waring in a recent post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog, the background scenery of a photograph of the Martian surface snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover shows buildings with windows and doors perched on the ridge of a hillside. Going by the premise of Waring’s bizarre claim, the buildings could be alien apartment buildings in a section of a large alien city or alien industrial buildings, such as factory buildings or warehouses.

Waring claims that NASA officials published deliberately only a thumbnail size version of the image because they wanted to conceal from the public glaring evidence of alien city-life on Mars. The move by NASA, according to the alien chaser, is part of a government policy of covering-up evidence of extraterrestrial life and intelligence.

“Along the ridge of a hillside were dark structures with windows and doors.”

Alien buildings on Mars
But thanks to Waring’s unwavering six-year-old commitment to full UFO and alien disclosure, the public now has access to an enlarged and “colorized” version of the photo that “reveals” alien buildings on the Red Planet.

“I found a photo on the NASA site, but the original is only 4kb in size,” the veteran alien chaser begins. “For those who don’t understand digital sizes, this thing is so small that it could be an app icon on your cell phone. Fingernail size…”

The extremely small size of the image, according to the alien chaser, raises a red flag.

“I was wondering why NASA would want to make such a small photo when all the other photos were 280+kb size,” he comments.

“I took the photo and enlarged it and found that along the ridge of a hillside were dark structures with windows and doors,” he writes.

The “discovery” of buildings in the Curiosity rover photo revealed to the alien hunter why NASA published only a tiny version of it. The agency, according to Waring, was trying to avoid being later accused of not publishing rover images containing evidence of alien buildings and cities on Mars. Having published the tiny image, the agency would be able to say in self-defense that “We didn’t hide it; we published it.”

Alien buildings on Mars?
“Now it all made sense to me,” the arch conspiracy theorist writes. “NASA had to release the photo to the public to say… ‘We didn’t hide it; we released it to the public.’ This way they won’t get caught for hiding evidence later. But we know that trick, and we are onto them.”

But Waring’s tireless critics have once again slammed his latest “researched evidence” of alien city-life on Mars, pointing out that the alleged buildings were only rocks or boulders on the Martian surface.

Waring, however, defends his outlandish theory, arguing that NASA’s insistence on publishing only a “fingernail size” version of the image provides circumstantial evidence of base and perfidious machinations by NASA’s space technocrats.

“NASA released the photo to say… ‘We didn’t hide it.’ This way they won’t get caught for hiding evidence. But we know that trick, and we are onto them.”

The alien hunter then assures his fans that he has no plans to relent in his campaign for full UFO and alien disclosure.

“We all know they [aliens] exist,” he writes. “Since starting this website six years ago, I have posted evidence after evidence of structures on other planets and moons. Mars seems to hold the public’s fascination the most for some reason.”

“Since starting this website six years ago, I have posted evidence of structures on planets and moons. Mars seems to hold the public’s fascination the most…”

Are there buildings on Mars?
This is not the first time that alien hunters have accused NASA of covering-up evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars.

In November, 2015, alien chasers accused NASA of trying to hide evidence of migratory alien birds flying across the Martian sky in photos snapped by Curiosity rover (follow this link to see photos and details of the claim). The photos in question, snapped by Curiosity rover at 22:42:28 UTC on November 3, 2015 (Sol 001153) and 00:03:09 UTC on November 6, 2015 (Sol 0155), showed blurry black objects in the Martian sky, with apparently familiar streamlined shapes of flying creatures.

When some skeptics dismissed the black objects as dirt on the camera lenses, Waring argued that the objects could not be specks of dust on the lenses because both the right and left rear cameras of the rover captured the objects.

He also pointed out that photos of the same horizon captured hours earlier by the same cameras did not show the objects in the sky, suggesting they were mobile objects.

“These objects in the air… I think they are living creatures that NASA doesn’t want to tell the public about.”

Although, as a matter of policy, NASA does not respond to cover-up accusations by UFO and alien conspiracy theorists, officials were forced in April, 2016, to waive the policy. A NASA spokeswoman responded to accusations that the agency had tried on several occasions to cover-up evidence of extraterrestrial life by shutting down live transmission showing UFO spacecraft flying close to the International Space Station (ISS) in low Earth orbit.

According to NASA, interruptions of live transmission from the ISS were usually due to loss of signals. She insisted NASA has never shut down the live feed to cover-up aliens and UFOs.

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