Niall Horan ‘Sad’ About Brexit, Chills At 2016 Glastonbury Festival

Niall Horan is joining voices on Twitter to exercise his anger over the decision for the U.K. to leave the European Union, aka #Brexit, and he is possibly checking his tweets from the 2016 Glastonbury Festival.

From Glastonbury, Niall Horan tweeted on June 25 from the muddy event “I’m happy as a pig in s****.” This news was good to hear considering Niall Horan’s Brexit rant on Twitter the day before.

Although many Americans were surprised to learn the severity of the situation too late in the game, Niall Horan and others educated Twitter about the velocity of the Brexit decision — and those tweets included a lot of NSFW words.

After the vote for the Brexit decision was passed, Niall Horan tweeted on June 24, “It’s a sad day. The economic impact that this is going to have is definitely going to make those voters regret their decision.”

Niall Horan continued his Brexit rant with, “And I see [Nigel] Farage is talkin crap and telling lies as per usual on telly. Let’s see what he does now. He really is a terrible man.”

Niall Horan has harsh words for Brexit but spends the rest of the weekend having fun at the Glastonbury Festival 2016

Of course, Niall Horan tried to get everyone out to vote and stated on Twitter on June 21 “Voting day! Very important that if you have a vote, use it!”

Sadly, the Brexit vote was in the favor of those wanting to leave the European Union with an extremely slim margin of 48.1 to 51.9.

Now, there are a number of publications that are expressing the same type of anger as Niall Horan about the negative worldwide impact Brexit will bring about.

Niall Horan was clear about Brexit but still has not given details about the Rio 2016 Olympics

Billboard noted that Niall Horan might be particularly perturbed because “British Prime Minister David Cameron is likely to step down as part of the shift, which has music industry complications ranging from touring to record sales and copyright legislation.”

In some cases, the media tried to make a joke out of the situation, and the New Yorker published an article on June 24 that stated the British “lose the right to claim Americans are dumber.”

While there are some that are able to laugh, Niall Horan and other young people in the U.K. are not in that group.

For example, on Facebook, The Guardian posted a video of young people in the U.K. speaking out about Brexit, and the subtitle of the video contained a quote that said “A 90 year-old has more of a say in the rest of our lives than we do.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Niall Horan is not the only person from One Direction that has their politics cap on these days. Although he is no longer in One Direction, Zayn Malik joined other celebrities to #DisarmHate in support of Congress voting on gun control reform in the United States.

Also supporting political ideals is Niall Horan’s Modest Golf Management manager, Mark McDonnell. While in NYC, Mark McDonnell posted a picture on Instagram on June 21 for the “Survivor Tree” at Ground Zero dedicated to the Orlando nightclub shootings victims. Mark McDonnell also tagged the picture with #LoveisLove.

While the future of the U.K. and the Brexit decision is still undecided, Niall Horan is taking it easy by relaxing at the 2016 Glastonbury Festival in Scotland. According to Mirror Celeb and other Twitter posts, Niall Horan attended Glastonbury on June 25.

It is not a surprise to learn that Niall Horan is at Glastonbury this year, considering he attended in 2015. When asked about Glastonbury, Niall Horan was quoted by Mirror on June 30, 2015, stating “[One Direction are] not cool enough to play at Glastonbury. It’s so cool, we had loads of fun.”

As for Niall Horan’s future plans, there have been no hints dropped about a possibility of him going to the Rio 2016 Olympics for golfing — yet.

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