Kanye West Dares Taylor Swift And Other Nude Celebs To Sue Him After Shocking ‘Famous’ Video Premiere

Kanye West is anything but scared from a lawsuit, which sources say Taylor Swift’s team is readying up following the release of the rapper’s newest music video for his hit single, “Famous.”

The song was already controversial enough, with lyrics including, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b**** famous.” While Kanye famously claimed that Swift approved of the reference, the pop singer’s team firmly denies that their client ever agreed to be called out in a derogatory manner, causing quite a nasty feud between the duo.

The two have remained on bad terms ever since. Kanye West claims that Taylor didn’t mind being called the belittling word, while Swift has publicly stressed that the rapper is trying to bully her into saying something that never came out of her mouth.

With that in mind, it makes perfect sense as to why Swift would allegedly be fuming over the news that West has featured a wax figure of the singer in his latest video. The controversial part is that the lookalike wax figure is completely nude laying next to Kanye, alluding to the idea that Taylor might’ve just taken part in an orgy with the likes of Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Kim Kardashian, and even Rihanna.

Swift carries a rather clean image in Hollywood, so her legal team can easily argue that Kanye West is damaging her brand with the release of his “Famous” music video. It’s a complete misrepresentation of how Taylor would carry herself in public — being seen nude in a video for another rapper is something the singer would never even think of doing.

Kanye clearly couldn’t care less, taking to his official Twitter page, writing, “Can somebody sue me already #I’llwait,” It is clear by his tweet that West is looking for trouble, and seeing how Taylor has already found herself on the rapper’s bad side, it seems as if their feud is only going to worsen now that the former country star is planning to take legal action.

If the 26-year-old does go through with the idea of suing Kanye West for allegedly trying to ruin her image, sources think that she wouldn’t get far in court. An insider stresses that she’ll have a hard time proving that West was intentionally trying to duplicate a version of Swift for his video, though this seems to be the case.

A judge is not going to award Taylor with any sort of compensation because it wasn’t as if Kanye used video clips of the singer and then passed it off as if the two were having sex. He simply used a wax figure that happens to resemble Swift. There’s really nothing she can do that’s going to make the court side with her story, at least that’s what sources have revealed to Hollywood Life.

“She can sue for defamation of character and for misappropriation of name and likeness but it will be hard for her to prove damages in court. No one is going to stop buying her albums or going to her concerts cause Kanye used something that looks like a topless Taylor in his video.”

Kanye West is patiently waiting for one of the celebrities seen as wax figures in his video to sue him for any sort of defamation.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]