Kimmel: Trump Supporters Asked How He Could Lose Their Vote, Responses Called ‘Horrifying’

A series of Jimmy Kimmel Trump gags are attracting attention, both for what is being perceived as humorous and “horrifying,” as reported by Alternet.

In June, 2015, comedians across the nation rejoiced when the Donald announced his candidacy for president; Jon Stewart described Donald Trump’s announcement as a “gift from heaven” and he thanked the presumptive Republican presidential nominee for “making my last six weeks my best six weeks,” as reported by Mediaite. There was never any doubt about Jimmy Kimmel: Trump was obviously going to be a favorite subject for the late-night talk show host and comedian.

Earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host sent a member of the show onto the street to ask Donald Trump supporters what he would have to do to lose their vote. Alternet described their answers as “horrifying.” Elite Daily called the responses given by the Trump supporters “scary.”

Last week on Jimmy Kimmel, Trump supporters were asked what he would have to do to lose their vote; their answers have been called 'horrifing' and 'scary.'
“Nothing. There’s nothing he could do to lose my vote,” was the first Trump supporter’s response when asked what Donald Trump would have to do to lose her vote. When asked if Trump burned an American flag, if that would change her mind, the woman explained that burning flags was one of the freedoms that “Donald Trump stands for.”

“I’m a Catholic, punch away,” was the woman’s response on how she would feel if Donald Trump punched Pope Francis in the face.

The second Trump supporter, a young man, considered the Jimmy Kimmel Trump question carefully before responding that the Republican would have to become a “socialist” or a “crook” to lose his vote, referring to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton by name.

“Take my guns,” was the succinct answer given by the next respondent, a seemingly typical-looking American man.

“Punching a woman, right in the face,” answered a second woman.

“Be a child molester,” another typical-looking man responded, appearing somewhat at a loss for words.

Jimmy Kimmel asks Trump supporters what the Republican presumptive presidential nominee would have to do to lose their vote.
“Short of killing somebody, I don’t know,” another man answered, shrugging his shoulders.

Another, seemingly typical-looking American woman, answered that there was nothing Donald Trump could do that would change her mind about voting for him. When pressed by the Kimmel team that if perhaps Donald Trump committed murder, the woman allowed that was a scenario that would change her mind.

Hypothetical scenarios of images of Trump using drugs; wearing a Hitler-like mustache; agreeing to allow Japan and South Korea to build nuclear arsenals; standing in the middle of the street, shooting another person; and having the slogan “sit here ladies” tattooed across his forehead, were not enough to sway another Trump supporter’s intention to back the billionaire all the way through the November elections.

A regular-looking man wearing sunglasses was asked if he would still vote for Trump if it was found out that he wore a swastika tattoo on his shoulder.

The host of Jimmy Kimmel looks into the question of what Donald Trump would have to do to lose his followers support.
“He probably does,” was the man’s response, before adding that he had several friends who wore swastika tattoos and that he felt that they were “cool.”

Commenters on the Kimmel video expressed frustration both with the views of the Trump supporters, and with those expressing their views on the Trump supporters.

“The existence of Trump supporters proves racism still exists in 2016, as simple as that,” one YouTube user wrote.

“Hillary supporters would be worse,” wrote another.

Also last week, in what was described by Vanity Fair as one of the best Kimmel Trump parodies yet, the Wizard of Oz-inspired Troompa Loompas performed, which, to be fully appreciated, can be viewed below.

The Troompa Loompa have already been viewed close to 60,000 times on YouTube.

“Kimmel is making it well known he’s a Democrat,” one comment on the Jimmy Kimmel Trump parody YouTube page reads.

Are you a Trump supporter? Is there anything the presidential candidate could do to lose your vote?

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