iPhone Storage Just Got A 128GB Boost With SanDisk Case [Video]

Since iPhones keep pushing a 16GB storage model, consumers are less than satisfied with what they are getting. Just consider how much music, video, pictures, and apps the average consumer carries around with them on their iPhone and you can understand why. But, SanDisk has just answered everyone’s prayers with a new case that can expand the iPhone’s storage to 128GBs and even provide extra battery backup.

Talk about big solutions to a major problem with iPhones; this is something that many iPhone users will be jumping for joy over, now that they can fit all of their music and videos on their phones instead of having to rely on the cloud.

SanDisk has just made history with the new iXpand Memory Case, which features built-in storage that connects to the iPhone via the lightning port. But, it does have its limits, given that the new SanDisk case is so new, according to The Verge.

For those who have the iPhone 6Plus, or even the iPhone 6S Plus, your phone will not be compatible with the new SanDisk case. It is only designed for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, at least at this time. But, as time goes by, there is a good chance that SanDisk will expand its offering to other models of iPhones and make them available as soon as they can bring them to market. That is, in theory, of course.

But, Apple is not the kind of company that likes it when another company, like SanDisk, makes money of their products, which is money that they themselves could be making if someone has to buy another iPhone to get the storage that they need. As innovators in their field, Apple seeks to make the most off their inventions. That means cash is expected to flow to them, whenever possible.

Here is the deal, though. For those iPhone users that want to take advantage of the SanDisk case with expanded storage and a battery backup, you will have to jump through a few hoops. First of all, the storage does not instantly appear on your iPhone when you have it plugged in to your case. There is a companion app that is available for those who buy the SanDisk iPhone case. The app will need to be installed in order for the iPhone to start storing any of your media on it, which includes your pictures, videos, music and more.

Getting the expandable storage out of the SanDisk case for your iPhone is the easy part. There are other downsides to having this SanDisk case on your iPhone. First of all, just consider what you need to do to plug your iPhone in to charge it. It will need to use the lightning port. It will also need the lightning port in order to play your music on specialty players as well, which could mean that you may have to unplug your expanded storage and you may not get all of the benefit of the expanded storage in those instances.

But, the SanDisk iXpand Memory Case could also have a workaround, if they don’t already, to help to make sure that you can use the storage and iTunes with the case plugged in to the iPhone. It is unclear at this time, and since the SanDisk product is so new, there are no customer reviews just yet.

You can choose between the iXpand Memory Cases that have 32G ($59), 64G ($99) and 128G ($129) of storage on them. There is also an option to attach a 1900mAh battery pack to your iXpand Memory Case for your iPhone.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]