10 homes built from things we would throw out

Going green might have different meanings for different people and it seems that when it comes to the homes we build people have equally different ideas of what to build them out of. Here’s ten different homes that have been built using materials we wouldn’t commonly think of when it comes to creating our living space.

Straw and Mud – in third world countries this might be a common building material but it isn’t something that we might think of when building our next abode.


Boats – while this might be an ideal material to use if you live on the coast I don’t think it would be the top material to use elsewhere.


Garbage – I guess you could consider this the ultimate in recycling although it isn’t something I would want to live in.


Newspapers – if using all your garbage to build a home isn’t quite your thing you could always use those leftover newspapers


Airplanes – if a boat home isn’t up your alley you could always try a home made from an airplane


Glass Bottles – then again if airplanes don’t do it for you you could always use those liquor bottles they serve on them but if your frequent flyer miles won’t get you enough of them you could use any old glass bottles.


Plastic Bottles – if glass isn’t your thing there is always the plastic variety


Beer Cans – can’t find enough glass or plastic? Well there is always the beer can route


Rubber Tires – I’m sure this isn’t what they mean when they talk about “the rubber room”


Doors – and finally a good use for all those doors that keep hitting you on the ass.


hat tip to Now That’s Nifty