Elvis Not Dead? Conspiracy Theory Running Wild After Alleged Sighting Of The King In Graceland

Erin Fitzgerald

Conspiracy theory is running wild after an alleged sighting of the King in Graceland was reported. It it possible that Elvis is not really dead?

If Elvis were still alive today, he would be 81-years-old. Some pictures of an old man with grey, long hair pulled back in ponytail have surfaced and some believe it just may be the King himself. The old gentleman is a groundsman for Graceland and video surveillance, now uploaded on YouTube, shows him looking right into the video camera. The person who uploaded the video to YouTube added his thoughts in the comment section.

"He raises his two fingers to the top of his left head as a proof of life signal. He told us he is alive with the simple V sign. I'm Alive. He is giving us a clue that he knows we are all there watching him and to his most loyal fans that he is indeed with us."

If you look at the old gentleman, he certainly wouldn't strike everyone as being Elvis with the first glance, but their certainly is a resemblance.

"Our personal view is it's him. When you look at his walk and gait, long arms it's him 100 percent. As he approaches he looks at the camera. As he walks away he glances at the camera."
"Look the pinky Finger of his right hand… Welcome back!"

This YouTube video of the alleged aging Elvis has started a frenzy over the web and social media sites causing many to believe that Elvis really is alive and well.

Mickey Moran, a conspiracy theorist, believes that Elvis has been alive and simply went into hiding.

"I believe that Elvis was forced to go into hiding due to death threats against himself and his family. I also believe that he wants to come back to his fans while there is still time, but the powers that be are making more with him dead. I now believe that he is being forced to stay in hiding against his wishes. I want to help him do the ultimate 'Comeback Special.'"

The body in the casket was believed to be a wax dummy by some conspiracy theorists. Some even believe the body of Elvis was sweating, making him believed to still be alive, yet faking his death at his very own funeral.

Additionally, many people have came forward claiming to have seen Elvis in public. Although there are many Elvis impersonators out there, one woman from Michigan swore she saw the real Elvis at a grocery store.

We may never truly know whether or not Elvis is alive or dead at this given moment, however, it is noted that Elvis' autopsy results and death certificate will be made available to the public in 2027. That will be 50-years after Elvis' alleged death. However strange that may be that Elvis' death records won't be available until 50-years after his death, we should at least have true answers by then.