Sinister Black Sphere UFO Emerged From Cloud Over Port Angeles, Washington — ‘Cloaked’ Craft ‘Posed’ For Photoshoot Then Retreated Behind Clouds Again [Photo]

A witness in Port Angeles, Clallam County, Washington, photographed a sinister black, spherical UFO that emerged from a cloud over a beach and hovered in sight briefly before disappearing back into the cloud. According to the witness, the UFO appeared “as if on cue,” to “pose for one shot and then retreated back within the cloud.”

The witness was on the beach with his girlfriend on June 4, 2016 when the sighting occurred. He reported the sighting (Case 76808) to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on June 5, 2016, the day after the incident.

He had been snapping photographs of the cloud over the beach and recalled commenting on the unusual appearance of the cloud formation before the mysterious black UFO emerged from it, Open Minds-TV reports.

He was about to snap a photo of the strange cloud when a black, spherical, floating object emerged from a cloud, and “as if on cue it ‘posed’ as it were, for one shot and then retreated back within the cloud.”

“We observed a dark UFO emerge from a cloud over the harbor,” the unnamed witness told MUFON. “We had been commenting on the oddness of the long, thin, and spirally dense cloud on a clear day.”

The odd and ominous sighting caught the attention of a well-known online UFO blogger, Scott C. Waring.

Commenting in a June 25, 2016 update to his blog, UFO Sightings Daily, Waring delved once again into one of his favorite UFOlogy topics, the subject of UFO “cloud cloaking.”

“We observed a dark UFO emerge from a cloud [after we had commented] on the oddness of the long, thin, and spirally dense cloud on a clear day.”

According to Waring and fellow UFO hunters, technologically advanced aliens visiting Earth fly in sophisticated UFOs with stealth capabilities that make them largely invisible to military radar. This, according to UFO hunters, explains why, despite the proliferation of UFO sightings across the world, UFOs are rarely detected by surveillance radar.

In addition to care taken by aliens to conceal their presence from surveillance radar, aliens also take care to avoid visual detection by humans on the ground or in the air.

Based on the evidence of contemporary UFO folklore, the technique employed most often by aliens wishing to prevent their spacecraft being observed by humans is “cloud cloaking.”

Most UFOs, according to alien hunters, generate smoky material that mimics atmospheric cloud. Alien UFOs use the material to simulate natural cloud cover which helps to conceal their presence from casual observers on the ground or in the air.

Other UFOs do not generate their own cloaking cloud but simply hide and hover using natural cloud to conceal their presence.

Waring explains that alien species that are very different from humans anatomically and thus unable to hide behind simple disguises to walk freely among humans are forced to stay in their UFOs and use cloaking technology to conceal their presence while observing human affairs from afar.

UFO folklore insists that some alien races, such as the Tall Whites, look like humans. Tall White alien scientists and researchers who have allegedly been working on Pentagon black projects since the 1950s have been seen in Las Vegans casinos disguised only in sunglasses and elaborate clothing.

The only features that distinguish Tall Whites from humans are unusually large, blue or pink eyes, and chalky white skin.

Some alien hunters have compared aliens hiding in the clouds to observe humans with tourists being conducted on African safari tours in vehicles. Some have even suggested that the surge in UFO sightings in recent decades could indicate a booming Earth “safari” tourism industry of extraterrestrial origin. According to UFO conspiracy theorists, many of the UFOs hiding in clouds actually belong to alien tour operators conducting extraterrestrial clients on guided Earth “safari” tours.

“UFOs that want to observe humanity need a place to hide, especially if the alien species doesn’t look anything like us, because they can’t just walk among us and blend in,” Waring explains.

“[Such] species observe [humans] from afar and use nature’s clouds to hide within,” he continues. “When no cloud cover exists, often they will make their own cloud.”

He then offers UFO and alien hunters a tip on how to catch UFOs skulking “cloaked” in cloudy skies.

“If you are recording the sky, focus on the clouds and the edges of the clouds,” he advises, “that is where you will see them.”

There have been several alleged sightings of cloud-cloaked UFOs in recent history.

Probably the most famous “cloaked UFO” sighting occurred over For Belvoir in Virginia, in 1957. Several U.S. Army personnel witnessed a strange ring UFO about 60 feet in diameter that appeared over their barracks at about 9 a.m. The UFO glided across the sky at slow but uniform speed. A private was able to snap six photos (see YouTube below) of the ring UFO which gradually became covered in a thick white smoke as witnesses watched in utter amazement.

The reporting witness insisted that the cloud was not natural atmospheric cloud because the UFO was flying far below the clouds.

UFO hunters often cite the incident as proof of the theory that aliens do conceal their UFOs in clouds.

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