Gas Guy Makes Elderly Customer’s Day When He Accepts Her Offer Of A Dance [Video]

The beautiful moment when a young gas station employee accepted the offer of a slow dance with an elderly customer is going viral.

The dance was caught on CCTV in the Milne Court Petro Canada gas station in New Minas, N.S. on Sunday. The video shows the couple twirling slowly in amongst the candy bars.

On Sunday, a woman and her husband came into the station and were served by Sean Fraser. Sean completed the transaction and went outside to attend to some duties.

The couple didn’t leave the shop straight away, and after a short discussion between themselves, they made an unusual request of one of the other staff, Debbie Graves, who had replaced Sean behind the counter.

They asked Debbie if they could dance with Sean. Debbie referred them to the boss, Scott Fraser, the owner of the gas and convenience store, and father of the boy they were asking about.

“The lady said, ‘Do you think he will dance with me?'” said Scott, about his 22-year-old son. He didn’t see why not, so he called him in from his duties.

After some initial confusion, Sean was happy to oblige. The Huffington Post reported that at first, Sean thought that she was asking him to dance for her.

“You’d like me to dance for you, would you?” Fraser asked.

“No, no, I want you to dance with me if you wouldn’t mind,” the woman said in a British accent. She told him how she used to love dancing and singing.

“Yes, absolutely,” said Fraser. “Where would you like to dance?”

“Well, why not right here?” she beamed.

And they danced.

“I took her hands and she immediately started kind of leading me into it and I asked her if she wanted to spin,” Sean said over the phone to Global News. “It was pretty cool … I mean I have to admit, it was a bit awkward for me, I’m not much of a dancer, I’m a bit clumsy, but she made it fun.”

Customers began to build up in line so Sean tried to stop to serve them, but enraptured with what they were seeing, they insisted they keep dancing. “The people in the line said, ‘No, no. Dance,'” Scott said.

When the lady broke out in song, everyone broke up. “They twirled and towards the end she broke out in song and it was really touching,” said Scott of the enchanting moment.

“She left with a huge smile,” said Scott, who believes the couple lives in the area.

Scrolling through the gas station’s Facebook page shows that this spontaneous act of fun was not a first for the station. They also have “Pay It Forward” days with things like delicious looking oatmeal whoopie pies on offer, hopscotch courts, and “Keep Calm and Walk Silly” signs to brighten up their customers’ day.

Which is probably why Sean didn’t understand what the fuss was all about. When asked about the incident, Sean explained he didn’t think it was anything extraordinary. He said “It felt like something we do every day for people.”

He admitted though, that he could understand why people are reaching for these joyous moments. “We caught a really special moment,” Sean said of the video. “With everything that’s going on these days, and everything that happened like in Orlando, it’s kind of hard to find the good in people these days.”

Their Facebook post which details the story in Scott’s delightfully rambling style is quickly gaining momentum and has had 200,000 views, and 1,200 shares since being uploaded on Tuesday afternoon.

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