‘Big Brother 18’ First Evictee, Glenn Garcia, Reveals James Huling Was His Least Favorite Returning Houseguest

Glenn Garcia didn’t spend very much time in the Big Brother 18 house, but the season’s first evictee had enough time to form opinions about the four returning houseguests. As viewers discovered, the first twist was the appearance of four veterans of previous seasons — James Huling, Frank Eudy, Nicole Franzel, and Da’Vonne Rogers — to play the game. In his exit interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Garcia identified Huling — voted by America as the favorite houseguest of Season 17 — as his least favorite of the group.

“Least favorite [was] maybe James because he came off always as the funny, quirky guy but when I was with him he came off as the opposite. Favorite maybe [was] Momma Day because I had great conversation[s] with her. Frank too. They were both on the same level.”

Huling was best known as the prankster of Season 17. He showed some of that tendency on Thursday night’s episode by toying with Nicole Franzel, claiming to be fellow player Victor Arroyo while she was in the shower.

Garcia said Franzel, his “Freakazoid” teammate before his eviction, is the biggest threat out of the small group of veterans. After Glenn’s ouster — he lost an endurance competition — Franzel became the season’s first Head of Household. She’s already aligned with the other veterans, as well as Tiffany Rousso and Paul Calafiore, the sibling of last year’s third-place finisher, Vanessa Rousso, and of Season 16’s runner-up, Cody Calafiore, respectively.

“[Nicole] is smart, she can be athletic, but she is not a threat. If you look at her you do not think she is a physical threat, but she is a gamer. If she was not on my team, I would have gone after her right away.”

Although Garcia was evicted quickly there are hints he isn’t gone yet. In past Big Brother seasons, some prior evictees have gotten the chance to fight to get back into the game. Zap2It noted its exit interview was done via email, and not phone, a sign the player — Garcia in this case — is still in sequester. Usually the first few out of the house are free to go about their lives.

Glenn told Zap2It he presumed Nicole was HOH and he hoped she would go after Huling and Eudy, although he doubted Franzel would target another veteran. He also weighed in on this year’s first twist of returning players.

“I wish it was all newbies. I feel that the veterans already have a leg up on the game. They have been there done that. To make it an even playing field I wish it had been all newbies.”

If Garcia, who said he was participating in the Big Brother game to create a better life for his daughter, is upset about his eviction, he can take it from one former houseguest that it won’t get better quickly. Jace Agolli, the first man out of Big Brother 17, told The Hollywood Reporter that he took his eviction hard, although he advised Garcia to stay positive.

“It’s been almost 365 days since my eviction and I still haven’t gotten over it.”

Jace recently snapped a photo of himself along with Big Brother 16 star Frankie Grande.


Julie Chen teased that Sunday night’s episode, traditionally focused on the nominations, will now include an all-new competition. Producer Rich Meehan teased the new game element to THR before the season started.

“We always look to twist up the game and keep a new crop of houseguests on their toes so we thought it would be fun to introduce something new and something different.”

Big Brother 18 will run for a record 99 days. The show airs three nights a week — Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays — on CBS with an extra daily show of house action, Big Brother After Dark, airing on Pop.

[Photos: CBS]