$32G’s to rent plane’s business section for a dog

I am a dog lover but even this is stretching things a little too far if you ask me. The idea of being willing to rent out the whole business section of a plane for a four hour flight just so you favorite pooch won’t suffer the trauma and anguish of flying cargo is just plain silly. It would seem though that for an Israeli it was a small price to pay to have her dog next to her for the flight from Paris to Israeli.

The woman identified as Rivka, told the Channel 10 television network Wednesday afternoon, she could not bear the thought of her eight-year-old boxer dog being placed in a cage in the cargo hold of the plane for the duration of the flight.

“He is my baby, and I asked El Al to rent out the business section and paid $32,000 to ensure my dog, Or (light in Hebrew), would be able to sit next to me for the entire flight,” she told the television.

Source: UPI :: Woman flies business class with pooch

I wonder if It’s A Dog’s Life was the in-flight movie?