Justin Bieber Fight: Lamont Richmond Tells His Side Of What Went Down After The NBA Finals

Lamont Richmond was just a guy at the NBA Finals until his run-in with Justin Bieber. Richmond just wanted the Biebs’ autograph when he crossed paths with the “Sorry” singer. Now Richmond says that a viral video showing Bieber take a punch at him has resulted in death threats and the loss of his job.

According to Domenick Nati from Nati Celebrity Services, Richmond is ready to tell his side of the story about what went down with Justin Bieber during and after the NBA Finals. This is the statement that Lamont Richmond wrote about the incident:

“What happened was, Bieber and I were at the same basketball game. He was surrounded by a lot of friends, and I came over to him asking for an autograph. He got mad, ‘Not at the game man, not at the game’ I quote. I got kind of offended, explaining him I maybe won’t see him ever again, so this would be my only chance. He ignored me and I kept trying, that’s when he snapped and called me a prick.”