Taylor Swift Ready To Throw Down With Kim Kardashian After Reality Star Piped In About Kanye Feud?

It’s year four of Taylor Swift vs Kanye West, and this time, instead of urging her rapper hubby to lay off the Twitter rants, Kim Kardashian has spoken on his behalf. Up until now, Taylor, the pillar of talent and seeming perfection, has held her own against Kanye by simply pointing out his misogynistic tactics to get under the singer’s skin. West has drawn massive attention to himself but has appeared to be in the wrong on most fronts with his constant argument against the blonde beauty.

The Blemish recounts the previous outcome to this most recent spurring on of the feud.

“We’ve seen her feud with Kanye for the better part of the last 4 years, but she’s always kept her head down. It’s been a man coming at a woman and she’s been able to talk misogyny in the music industry (a very real thing) and in global context.”

However, Taylor has got a new battle on her hands because Kim K, literally the world’s most popular female celebrity, has piped up in defense of her often outrageous husband. Kim was the cover girl for the most recent issue of GQ and made her views of Swift known in her interview with the publication, as Hollywood Life relays.

“Don’t mess with Taylor Swift, 26! When Kim Kardashian, 35, dissed Taylor and called her a liar in GQ magazine, she basically invited Tay to write a song about her. See how T-Swizzle plans to fire back at Kim on her next album!”

The lie that Kim is reportedly referring to has to do with a line in Kanye’s recent track off his latest album within which he takes a dig at Swift. Kanye claimed that he approved the line with Swift before he released the track, yet Swift said that she was not aware of the dis lyrics and made a point of calling Kanye out on it during her Grammy speech. Kardashian therefore stood up for Kanye and once again stated, as he did, that Taylor knew it was coming out.

The publication recounts the scenario that Kim insisted upon being fact, during her interview with GQ.

“As you may recall, Kim accused Taylor of ‘flipping out’ about the verse in her husband Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ song, and said that Tay was in on the whole thing: ‘She totally approved that. She totally knew that that was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn’t. I swear, my husband gets so much s**t for things [when] he really was doing proper protocol and even called to get it approved … Totally gave the okay.'”

So now the news is that Taylor will retaliate through her music to Kanye’s “Famous” track and to Kim’s insistence that Swift is a liar. However, Taylor cannot expect that West is done getting under the beauty’s perfect skin. He’s planning the ultimate take-down during his upcoming tour on a nightly basis, as the publication shares. An alleged source who has the inside scoop about Kanye’s intentions to get even more digs in at Swift says,

“He’s going to slam her nightly. The plan is for Kanye to play the infamous clip of Taylor accepting her VMA and him storming the stage, and Kim will be featured in the video somehow. It will mock Taylor’s good-girl image. It’s going to be absolutely merciless.”

It seems as though Kanye is simply loving the fact that Swift keeps giving the feud legs and is feeding off her reactions. Not only that, but he’s also making money off the drama that has been stirred up over the years since he stormed the stage at the VMAs. As outrageous as Kim and Kanye can be, they certainly know how to make a dime, and it seems as though Swift better be ready for an ongoing battle.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]