James Corden Almost Didn’t Make It As A Performer For The Silliest Reason

James Corden may be enjoying huge amounts of success right now, but even he admits that it has not always been easy for him. Beginning with struggle is a normal thing for a lot of celebrities, but James’ story might be a little different from the rest.

According to RTE, James Corden believes that his break into the entertainment industry was difficult and that was a direct result of his appearance.

Given how appealing and charismatic James Corden is and how well-regarded he is in the entertainment industry, it may be difficult for many of his fans to believe that he had a hard time breaking into the industry because of his appearance.

James Corden spoke on how his looks seem to have influenced where people placed him, saying that when he was first trying to break into the entertainment industry, casting decisions were made solely based on the way he looked.

“They were like ‘You look like this, so you will work your way to playing a bubbly judge or something.’ I would audition twice a month and go up to London and not get it.”

He went on to call the whole process “demoralizing,” saying that, in his opinion, “the only thing that separates an amateur and a professional is rejection.”

James Cordon got his first big break in the BBC show Gavin and Stacey back in 2007, where he played the part of Smithy while also being a co-writer on the series. Looking on the positive side, he does believe that as a result of his numerous setbacks, he came out all the more determined.


James Corden spoke on staying determined despite the hard times at the beginning of his career, saying that no matter what happened, he can’t remember a time when he gave up on his dream of wanting to perform. His desire to succeed as a performer was so great that he didn’t even want a backup plan.

“My careers officer told me that I needed something to fall back on. That to me was a thought to failure. I have always thought that if I don’t give up then I won’t fail.”

James is currently enjoying the success of The Late Late Show with James Corden, and he has an ever-changing list of guests who truly enjoy being on the show with him. According to Billboard, James Corden recently had Selena Gomez as a guest on his show and switched up the formula of his usual “Carpool Karaoke” segment.

The usual segment would, as the name implies, feature a car with James in it, but this time around, the segment turned into “Roller Coaster Karaoke.” As the pair were dueting on Selena’s “Same Old Love,” Corden was struck with reluctance when he found himself ascending to the top of a steep rollercoaster ride.

Corden and Gomez started singing “Come & Get It” as they dropped. During the drop, Gomez kept her cool and managed to hit all the right notes while James Corden broke into fits of laughter interspersed with screams. When they got back to the car, they sang a few more of Selena’s hits like “Hands To Myself,” “Kill Em With Kindness,” and “Love You Like a Love Song” before they stopped over at a McDonald’s.


James Corden then took the opportunity to ask Gomez about the moment she knew she had made it in the industry and how it feels like to be a part of Taylor Swift’s squad, even jokingly asking about why male members are not allowed.

Gomez then told Corden that she thinks that the industry could use a little bit of female sexism. Since she was brought up in the conversation, the pair then happily closed out the montage of the segment with a rousing rendition of Taylor Swift’s hit “Shake It Off.”

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for FIJI Water]