Perrie Edwards Reveals New Secrets: She Hates Rumors, Loves Disneyland Paris

Perrie Edwards has been touring Europe, and her most recent visit to Paris, France, put her next door to what seems to be one of her favorite places in the world.

On top of establishing trivia about the things she loves, such as Disneyland, Perrie Edwards also fired off the answer to about 20 random questions around June 20 that revealed some surprising facts about the real Perrie Edwards.

Footage from Public of the Little Mix concert in Paris, France, at the Grand Rex on June 23 shows Perrie Edwards full of energy on stage, and it might be because she was visiting Disneyland during her stay in France.

Perrie Edwards has been talking about the things that she loves and hates in a new German interview

On June 23, M Magazine writes that Jade Thirlwall and Perrie Edwards were pictured in front of the Pink Palace at Disneyland Paris with a group of unnamed friends. Perrie Edwards looked all smiles, and Jade Thirlwall later posted a picture from Disneyland Paris of elaborate face painting.

Interestingly, Perrie Edwards has a history of visiting Disneyland in Paris with or without Zayn Malik. For example, the Daily Mail reported on January 9, 2014, that Perrie Edwards went to Disneyland Paris to celebrate Zayn Malik’s birthday.

In fact, there were even allegations that Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik would be getting married in Disneyland, according to the Mirror.

Despite this, around August 7, 2015, the Mirror also reports that Perrie Edwards did end up in Disneyland Paris after the possible wedding plans were being announced — but she went to “get over” her breakup with former fiance Zayn Malik.

Although it may be obvious that Perrie Edwards loves Disneyland because she keeps showing up there, she revealed more trivia about herself in a new German video interview posted on June 20.

In the interview, Perrie Edwards may have added to the idea she has a long-term obsession with Disneyland or Disney in general because she said she “wore a big poofy Cinderella-y type of dress to the prom” that was “lilac-y.”

Look recently noted that Perrie Edwards has been obsessed with headbands lately, and in the video interview, she also added other fashion and style facts about her life.

Perrie Edwards is frequently pictured at Disneyland Paris

For instance, Perrie Edwards said that she preferred blonde hair dye, loves the lipstick shade “Stripdown” from MAC, and hates that moment on stage “when you think you are getting a wedgie and your bums out, but it’s not [a wedgie].”

Along the lines of fashion and style, when Perrie Edwards was asked “Do you have any makeup tips for the 70-year-old Perrie?” she responded, “Try to find a foundation that actually matches your skintone.”

Perrie Edwards was also expressing her serious side and seemed very annoyed when the interviewer asked, “What is the craziest rumor you have heard about yourself?”

Perrie answered with the following.

“I hear a lot of crazy rumors about myself. I don’t think I could pick the worst one.”

At the end of the interview, Perrie Edwards confirmed that she is humble when she stated she is not “the coolest” member of Little Mix “at all.” Perrie Edwards also talked about how her favorite moments with performing are when “the crowd sings back.”

In fact, on June 21, Perrie Edwards confirmed this by posting a video on her Instagram account that showed Little Mix fans singing back the lyrics at one of their concerts.

Unfortunately for fans that want to see Perrie Edwards perform live with Little Mix, they will need to act quickly. Perrie Edwards and Little Mix perform June 24 and 25 in Spain and follow up with a concert on July 3 in Cork, Ireland.

Afterward, Little Mix and Perrie Edwards will rest up for the last leg of their “Get Weird Tour” in the U.K. from August 20 to 27.

[Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Stringer/Getty Images]