Saint West Photos: Kim Kardashian Puts Pictures Of Son On Snapchat, Instagram, And Twitter

Kim Kardashian has published new photos of Saint West to her Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Today, the reaction to gorgeous little Saint’s appearance continues on social media. Not too long ago, tweets about Saint’s dark skin took over Twitter and caused controversy, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Now, Saint appears in new photos that seem to show even more of the baby West’s personality, as reported by E! Online.

Saint West wears white in the new photos from Snapchat. Saint is a little guy who is about 6-months-old right now. In the Snapchat photo, Saint has one of his hands in his mouth and the other hand curled as he stares off-camera to something on his left side. Saint appears to have the mixture of Kim’s looks and Kanye’s appearance, with Kim’s signature eyes looking very similar to Saint’s eyes.

saint west

Saint is so pretty he could be mistaken for a girl baby if he wasn’t one of the most famous babies in the world right now. Kim explained how much she thinks Saint looks like her on Kardashian’s Twitter account.

“Saint is my twin!”

Kim posted an emoji of a baby angel with a little halo on her Twitter and Instagram accounts as the description, along with info letting Kardashian’s fans know that the photo of Saint was from her Snapchat account. On Kim’s recent Snapchat entries or “snaps,” Kardashian discussed everything from her favorite song, her ringtones and her adherence to the Atkins diet, she and posted the famous new photos of Saint. Kris Jenner also appeared with Kim on Snapchat, talking about some mysterious woman and calling her a h**.

saint west

While certain followers on Instagram and Twitter agreed that Saint looks just like Kim, others didn’t see as much of a resemblance when comparing Saint to Kanye.

“Saint looks more like Kim especially the eyes. He’s so cute!”

Kim agreed that Saint looks more like Kardashian than Kanye, but she admitted Saint indeed looks like both her and Kanye.

“Yeah we have the same eyes. def a good mix of both of us but he is more me, I think…”

Kardashian clarified that she believed North also looks like Kim, but Kim believes Saint looks even more like her while North favors Kanye.

On Twitter, many people agreed that despite which parent Saint looks like the most, the baby boy is absolutely gorgeous. The photo of Saint received 1.4 million likes on Instagram, with more than 21,000 comments coming into Kim’s Instagram post in 10 hours.

Kim’s Twitter photo of Saint received more than 60,000 likes and more than 20,000 retweets.

On Facebook, the name Saint West is listed as a popular search phrase, with more than 87,000 people talking about the new Saint photo.

Kim also saw fit to post a photo of herself on Twitter and Instagram as a throwback Thursday photo from the Hamptons. In that photo, Kardashian wears a low-cut black bodysuit with long sleeves. It is a leotard that shows off her small waist and curvy hips.

Kim and Kanye can be seen in photos above at LAX airport on June 12. The duo left Los Angeles, California, that day. They were on their way to Paris. However, reactions to Saint’s photo from Friday are flowing with popularity on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some of those comments are seen below.

“Saint West! What a gorgeous little boy. I’ll give them credit on those babies! Lol.”

“Saint West allowed Kim Kardashian to capture his glorious presence on Snapchat.”

“Cutie is cute as a button while getting in some SnapChat action.”

“Kim got some strong genes cause these babies are beautiful.”

[Photo by John Misa/MediaPunch/IPX]