‘Arrow’ Season 5: New Sidekick, Costume Change, New Vixen, And Stephen Amell Says ‘Flashpoint’ Is Coming?

Arrow Season 5 is underway, and even as the fans wait patiently, watch reruns, or tune in to another show, the fifth season information is leaking out. Arrow fans have been highly critical of Season 4; so, many feel that Season 5 needs to kick things up a notch. Green Arrow’s entire team left at the end of last season, so many are wondering whether this means Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen may be working solo this season. If a Variety report is to be believed, the Green Arrow will be getting another sidekick.

Arrow episode “Canary Cry” brought in Madison McLaughlin to play a copycat Black Canary. The character lasted one episode. Oliver reasoned with her, and then she hung up the blonde wig. Arrow Season 5 will see the actress’ return, but she will not be returning as a momentary villain, but as the eventual DC Comics’ character Artemis.

Artemis started off as a villainous love-child in the comics, but in the DC animated series Young Justice, she replaced Arsenal/Roy Harper when he left. Considering both Red Arrows have departed from CW’s Arrow, Artemis seems like a reasonable choice to fill the sidekick void. But, will the fans be okay with this move? Well, it is hard to say how much of a sidekick Artemis will be with the new vigilante and Colton Haynes returning for some Arrow Season 5 episodes, so fans will have to wait and judge for themselves.

Arrow Season 5 will see more than a sidekick change, as another element that keeps getting adjusted will once again see a change. Comicbook reports that Green Arrow’s costume is not done changing. Arrow Season 4 promised to fully turn Arrow into Green Arrow, and the CW even changed his costume to match the DC Comics “New 52” look.

Stephen Amell called the costume change simply a “slightly modified version,” but stopped short of detailing just what the changes will be. Since the change in Arrows, or rather Green Arrow’s, costume was so recent and more comic book friendly, hopefully the CW’s next modification will be cautiously done. Another DC Comics character, who had her live-action debut on Arrow, is also headed for some changes.

The Inquisitr already reported on the fact Vixen would be playing a much larger role in the DCTV Universe, but the actress who portrayed her on Arrow and voiced the animated version, might not return for the role.

Apparently, this turned out to be the case. Well, not exactly the way you might think. Legends of Tomorrow, due to its time-traveling nature tends to have its own rules, so their Vixen is not the same one from Arrow. The announcement from CW carried with it a more detailed description.

“Amaya Jiwe – better known as Vixen – is the newest superhero to board the Waverider and join the ranks of the Legends of Tomorrow. Like her granddaughter, Mari McCabe, Amaya’s powers are derived from the mysterious Tantu Totem, which allows her to magically access the abilities of animals.”

The DCTV Universe is potentially in for some huge changes this fall with The Flash‘s tweaking of the timeline. The title character went back in time to save his mother, and the Flashpoint Paradox is coming. The biggest question left unanswered, so far, is whether or not Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl will be affected.

Stephen Amell was asked whether or not Green Arrow’s Star City will get a change up for Season 5. Amell was his usual vague self and responded with a not so affirmative “Don’t know; certainly could.” Therefore, Arrow fans still have no clue what the Flashpoint Paradox will hold for their show in the fall. They will just have to wait and see what the CW has in store, and for some, hopefully its better than what Season 4 had for them.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]