‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Katie Rants To Brooke, Caroline Sticks Up For Thomas, And Liam Opens Up To Steffy

There are juicy moments ahead with Friday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Spoilers tease that Caroline will plead with Ridge to get onboard with supporting Thomas as Douglas’ father. Viewers will see some emotional talk between Liam and Steffy, and the June 24 show also brings some drama between Katie and Brooke.

As everybody saw on Thursday’s show, Thomas told Ridge that the secrecy had to stop and that he could not play along with hiding the fact that he is Douglas’ biological father any longer. Ridge, of course, was adamant that things remain as they were, but Caroline soon arrived and shared a bit of a shocker: She seemingly supports Thomas on this. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers share that she will stand up for Thomas and agree that the truth needs to come out.

Caroline will intervene in this difficult discussion, notes SheKnows Soaps, and she will detail that she absolutely wishes that Ridge were Douglas’ biological father rather than Thomas. However, it sounds as if she will stay firm in saying that it is time for them to regroup and let the truth come out while they can still manage the situation. Will she be able to convince Ridge that this is for the best?

Liam tried to talk with Bill and Wyatt about having Spencer Publications do some charitable work, but both his father and his brother scoffed at the idea and shot him down. Steffy showed up and Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that Liam will talk further with her about his desire to try to focus on charity.

Bold and the Beautiful viewers have seen some very emotional conversations between Liam and Steffy lately, as he has been pressured to back off of her despite still loving her. She has been insistent that she will stay in her marriage to Wyatt, and it looks like this has sparked his desire to do some charitable work so he has something positive to focus on rather than obsess over Steffy. Obviously, this would probably be a good thing for him, so fans will be curious to see if he can get Bill and Wyatt to see his point of view.

It seems that Steffy will feel rather caught between the two brothers as this situation unfolds. She has been torn between the two as it is and hearing Liam share something so heartfelt like this as Wyatt mocked him will surely get under her skin. According to Soap Central, the battle between the brothers over her will continue to be an issue throughout the summer. Will she really stay in her marriage, or are the two destined to split?

Katie has been blissfully happy lately as a result of thinking that she has successfully repaired her relationships with both Bill and Brooke. Unfortunately, she has no idea that the two have started a juicy affair behind her back. She has accused them more than once of wanting to be with one another, and now that they actually are, she is completely in the dark.

Previews for Friday’s show tease Bold and Beautiful spoilers that the two sisters will be having another intense discussion about Katie’s drinking. She will talk about how she’s not like Brooke, and she drinks because she has feelings that she is being betrayed by people she cares about. Brooke looks like she will try to shrug this off, but it will surely leave her shaken that Katie is so close to the truth.

When will Katie find out that Bill and Brooke are having an affair behind her back? Will Steffy stay with Wyatt or reunite with Liam? What comes next for Ridge, Caroline, and Thomas regarding the Douglas situation? Spoilers detail that there is plenty more drama on the way, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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